Digital & Social Media Marketing Reflections

A few years down the road, I would look back and say that this course has been one of the key turning points in my life. Why?

SMART Objectives/ Expectations. I came into this course with little expectation other than to learn something new – digital and social media marketing. Continue reading Digital & Social Media Marketing Reflections

Campaign Setup for Digital and Social Media MOOC

Imagine digital marketers around the world – veterans and juniors alike – congregating in an online space which is the MOOC: Digital and Social Media Marketing.

We’re not looking to replicate the countless blogs and forums that are out there on the web already. We’re looking to create an experience – for all alike – of an intense and interactive 6-week course.

And as any marketer will know, campaign management must proceed with a few key elements: Continue reading Campaign Setup for Digital and Social Media MOOC

Iversity MOOC: Peer Assessment Exercise

Ever had a loved one get involved in a road accident? This company wants to reduce the number of accidents on our roads, as well as minimize the consequences should such accidents occur. Its focus is on fun, education and safety TM .

One of its sources of revenue is the sale of safety accessories for motorcyclists. In this area, the company is up against many traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The compact, localized locations of riding schools, motorcycle workshops and bike/accessory shops pose a challenge for a business looking to increase their presence and mindshare among motorcyclists.

To tackle such a scenario, Continue reading Iversity MOOC: Peer Assessment Exercise

Iversity MOOC: Marketing, Then and Now

In the old days, people used to be reached via radio, TV, direct mail (and maybe door-to-door selling), billboards, word-of-mouth and so on.

Nowadays, with the increasing internet penetration of our society and digital media channels take on an increasing importance in our marketing strategy.

Then and Now

Don’t make the mistake though, of forgoing traditional media channels totally! Go for what is most likely to reach your target audience(s).

Iversity MOOC: Top 5 Interesting and Useful Points

These are the most relevant points I find while thinking through the 1st week topics of the MOOC.

The Digital Business Maturity Model

I work as in the IT consulting industry, and other than the implementation that is the bread and butter of our industry, it helps to visualize our direction for individual customers on a roadmap so that we pull together in a unified direction.

With this digital business maturity model, Continue reading Iversity MOOC: Top 5 Interesting and Useful Points

My First Blog Post Ever!

This is my first blog post for this experimental website. My goal is to use this digital and social media marketing MOOC as a means to explore wordpress and, of course, digital and social media marketing.

I plan to integrate this to a shopify store front that I will set up in the future. I appreciate all thoughts on how to do so!

Drive safe, ride safe