Mobile Friendly Test –

At the end of April 2015 he published one of the other Google Update (Google Mobile update), which has an impact on search results on mobile devices. According to the revised algorithm favors the search results pages that have responsive design.

As more and more people are using mobile internet, as well as searches through it,  Google also had to prepare for this change, and provide users with more relevant search results on mobile devices. In America, it is currently more than 51% of searches using the phone, last year around 40% and this number is steadily increasing [source].

I currently work on project for Slovakian mobile phone and accessories retailer who generously neglected his online presence for last 5 years.

Mobile-Friendly Test can’t really tell you more:

mobilonline mobile searchSo what we are working on now? We had to start right from beginning and work our way thru whole web step by step:

  1. redesign menu,categories and product page and adapt them to various sizes of the screens
  2. results in the search are distinguished between mobile devices and the desktop, depending on whether the site uses responsive layout or not.
  3. improving clarity of content
  4. speeding up our research results
  5. ease of use
  6. dynamic elements to enhance experience

Project will be ready to launch in mid January 2016 so watch the space.


How to get ahead in online marketing?

Competition in online marketing is extremely high.
To be successful in the long term, you have to develop several skills. That does not mean that you will be experts in everything and nothing at the same time.
In this post will try to explain how to win recognition in online marketing. From my own experience I can say, that online marketing is a specific area where some things work slightly differently.

Standard journey to become an expert in something , could look like this:

  1. You have to start work harder.
  2. You must enjoy it.
  3. You have to work for x years ( x could be any but appropriate number) and learn from the best.
  4. You will gradually improve and become an expert.

This also applies to online marketing, but with some specific differences. In order for you to become a successful doctor, for example, you need to attend school for several years, then you have to get some experience, than certification and after many, many years you are finally out there as an doctor.

In order for you to do marketing, you don’t need any school, but practise. And often this may not be 5 or 10 years. I meet people who started without experience and after a year they are excellent copywriters or PPC specialists.

Competition in this area is extremely high. Your job wants a bunch of young people who can replace you and you should not be satisfied only with the fact that you count on years of service.

Dont be blindsided

To be really successful in the long term, you have to develop skills in several areas of digital and social media world. I first caught this idea on blog of Rand Fishkin from Moz, who described “T-Shaped Web Marketer”.

I believe that Rad has deep knowledge and understanding, and also has a wide range of knowledge in various fields. And I do not mean wannabe experts who know something about everything, but nothing, right.



I realized then that if I want to become online marketing professional, I can not stick just to one area. In my case it was SEO. I did not want to be perceived only as a SEO specialist. I wanted to be taken as a marketing specialist who is not bound to only one area, and understand complexity of  marketing.

Stand out from other’s

Try to create such a plan for your self. You can for instance be a copywriter who writes the best newsletter. Or PPC specialists which could advice client on usability of the site. Or web developer who knows the technical SEO.

The goal is not to become an expert in everything, who can not do nothing. You must be one of the best in the area and because of the versatility have the most knowledge of related areas. This creates an interesting combination of skills that set you apart from others.