3 Steps to Supercharge your Digital Strategy

“I think part of maturity is knowing who you are.”
Rob Lowe

In the digital economy people like you can fully exploit their creative arsenal by understanding the brand equity that comes out of building relationships with potential and existing clients. This can be achieved through digital marketing.

You might have already some experience in Marketing and Digital, but not in Digital Marketing, or no experience at all.

You might be tasked with building it up or moving it to the next level.

But you will going forward understand how you will not only be in charge of your digital strategy but to supercharge it.

Digital Business Maturity Model.

To give you an introduction on how to achieve this, the first step in your endeavor into digital is understanding where you are in the bigger picture.

For this you should apply the Digital Business Maturity Model.

digital-maturity-model1-300x258At the bottom of the pyramid (Level 0) there is no (controlled) web or social media engagement by your business. As the pyramid form indicates, most businesses are here.

Level 1 means that you have a means to broadcast information, typically through a website to your audience. This is known as a one-directional communication channel.

Level 2 brings interactivity into the picture by involving social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to engage with you customers. This does not only mean to be a feedback channel for customer complaints but to form entertaining and engaging relationships to interactively communicate.  You will need to engage your customers regularly (daily) with great content. The more engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) your content gets, the stronger your connection to your audience will be. High-quality content is how trust is established between your brand and potential customers.

Level 3 means that you are fully transformed to a digital company. This also includes the upgrade of paper-based or manual internal processes within all corporate functions. For most companies, the digitalization change is mostly occurring here in the backend.

Level 4, a.k.a  “the Future” involves customers in a co-production and co-design process. This can, but does not necessarily need to include a funding process but can. But it should include the co-generation of engaging content and new product or product features.

The Journey – SWOT

Becoming digital is a journey. Once you have identified where you need to go, you have to build your map. This can be achieved through a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.

But while you understand the journey that your company has to take, you have to understand your customer’s journey (The 4 stages to purchasing) through your offering as well.

The Journey – Moments of Truth

The Stimulus:Your customer has a problem that requires a solution.

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT): The customer starts research. Work here with SEO to be the No.1 provider for the problem you are solving. At this moment where you as a provider usually doesn’t know that this customer exists.

First Moment of Truth (FMOT):The prospect identifies a product or a service.

Second Moment Of Truth (SMOT):The prospect first becomes your customer by purchasing your product/service, afterwards he will be a consumer by using it.

Finally, two more tools to consider to improve the impact of your digital impact is to ensure that you have proper KPI’s setup that follow the SMART approach.

Stay tuned, there is more about these at a later stage.

In summary, you need to gain understanding of your digital needs and your customer needs then you are on the right track to supercharge your digital  activities for maximum impact.

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