Digital Marketing in Micro ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Company based in Nepal

A Micro ISV is an Independent Software Vendor with fewer than ten or even just one software developer. In such environment the company owner develops software, manager sales and does public relation.

Source: Wikipedia

The Company/Product


For the study I am taking a Micro ISV company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal Data Systems Pvt. Ltd. develops and sells software called “SiddhiPOS”- Point of Sales(Billing and Inventory) software and hardware.

As the company is small they chose the most effective and efficient digital marketing mix applicable in terms of their budget and demography.

Digital Media Marketing Channel Mix

Before choosing which digital channels to invest on, an organisation should research and create a “Buyer Persona”.

“Buyer Persona” is a fictional individual developed by an organization based on the organization’s researched profile of its distinctive customer.


Buyer Persona of SiddhiPOS

  • Owner or employee of Retail Shop
  • Understands technology and its adeptness
  • Retail shops in Nepal
  • Age 18-60
  • Male/Female

Choice of marketing communication channels depends on the organization and its buyer persona and usually includes: Search Engines, Websites, Social Media and Email.

1. Search Engine

search-engine-advertisingSearch engines are second most used tool after Email in the internet. If your website is not on the first three pages of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for a particular keyword phrase, it is unlikely to be visited.

Google is the most preferred search engine in Nepal.

SiddhiPOS in terms of SEO in doing great. If you search ‘Point of Sales Software in Nepal’ or ‘POS in Nepal’ or ‘Barcode scanner’ in Google, their website is on the first SERP.

tips-Icon-2 Use Google Webmaster tool for SEO and related information in Google.

Not all countries uses same search engine, you always need to think about your TARGET AUDIENCE and their preferred Search Engine. If you are to market your product in other counties,consider following search engines too.

Bai Du  – China
Yahoo –  Japan
Yandex – Russia
Naver -South Korea

2. Website/Mobile Marketing

Responsive1The company has a separate website for SiddhiPOS, where they showcase their software and hardware products  .

The website is “Device Responsive” and visitors can call the company directly from the website from their mobile devices.

tips-Icon-2Remember, Google has updated its search algorithms to favor websites that work well on mobile devices.  Create website that are device responsive. Test your website for mobile friendliness here.

3. Social Media

social-mediaSocial Media are used to send messages, share photographs/videos, and participate in some kind of forum.

For a business, social media marketing is all about managing the social presence and gaining audience participation as well as gain customer feedback.

Facebook is the most popular and populous social media platform.

The company using Facebook and Google+ as preferable social media platform to drive traffic to their website. Twitter and Instagram are not that popular in Nepal.

tips-Icon-2Choose social media platform available depending upon who your target audiences are in terms of geography and demography.


4. Email Marketing

mailchimpEmail is the most popular form of communication in Internet.  Emails are conventional form of sending messages to individuals expecting to trigger a response- eventually – Sales.

The company uses “Direct Email” as email marketing. They send quarterly newsletter informing their customers about  events, updates and new products. They are using Mailchimp for send mass emails.


Remember, Email marketing is all about building trust and relationship with the customer.

Other Channels that SiddhiPOS can add in its Digital marketing mix are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Channels
  • Community Engagement – Rewards






Create a Better Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is about using digital mediums to understand customers, what they need, and then as an Organization providing products and services the customers can make use of.

Develop your Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy considering following 5 points.

1. Analyze where your business stands using SWOT Analysis

swotSWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis is very useful tool to understand where the business sits in terms of its present position in Digital Marketing environment.

S-Strengths: Identify where the business is performing very well and amplify these successes.

W-Weakness: Identify the weaknesses and convert them to strengths.

O-Opportunities: Identify the opportunities and grasp it.

T-Threats: Identify threats and convert into opportunities.

You can use SWOT not only for strategic planning within a business but can be used in presentations while pitching product or services to a new client.

You can also improve your business in relation to your competitors by understanding their SWOT Analysis.

It can be also helpful to improve itself in relation to its competitors by understanding the competitors SWOT Analysis.

2. Develop SMART Objectives


An objective is a specific and measurable result that is planned to be achieved within a certain time-frame.

Develop your Digital Marketing Objectives in terms of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

S-Specific: Not Vague

M-Measurable: With Numbers

A-Achievable: Possible to Achieve

R-Realistic: Feasible in terms of resources and capability

T-Timely: Have an endpoint

3. Digital Business Maturity Model: Where is your Business?

modelAll organizations go through different levels in terms of adopting digital technologies within the organization.

Level 0-Non-digital: No Web or Social Media Presence

Level 1-Presence: Web Presence but in broadcasting mode of engagement

Level 2-E Engagement: Web Presence moving to two way communication

Level 3-Integral: Fully Digital

Level 4-Future:  Visionary Future Innovation

4. How Customer Purchase Online?

The customer’s behavior in buying products and services online has changed in recent days. A new process has been introduced by google termed as ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). In digital environment customer follows following processes:


a. Stimulus :
People have problems and look for solution in terms of products and services.

b. Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT):
Prospect research for products or services before buying -like reading reviews. The internet has empowered people to know more about the product they’re going to buy.

c. First Moment of Truth (FMOT):
The prospect identifies a product or services

d. Second Moment of Truth (SMOT):
The prospect becomes a customer by making the purchase and shares good or bad experience about the product or services

5. Build Digital Brand

Purpose of  building online branding is to create a memorable brand for your target audiences. Branding is about communicating trust and transparency of products and services offered.

First, decide the platform for communicating your brand like Social Network, Web Pages etc..then:

a. Identify your brand audiences
b. Document your brand message and values
c. Develop presence on the relevant networks
d. Launch campaigns to engage audiences
e. Measure and learn from engagement result