How does the University of Salford prepare me for a job in social media marketing?

I am a bright and articulate Business and Management graduate aiming to pursue a career as a social media marketer. I worked independently in the family business; through this I have gained great entrepreneurial and marketing skills. However, The family business wasn’t the place I wanted to spend the rest of my life working. I wanted to push myself further and accomplish something greater. At first I was unsure what I would like to become. But, after studying Business and Management at The Leeds Beckett University, I realised how amazing marketing actually is. I mean we all know that advertising plays a huge part in any business, but there are so many other strategies and techniques involved in marketing any product or service.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

Employability Hub
The Salford University has many facilities that can lead to countless opportunities. The ‘Employability Hub’ is quite a good facility that many students are unaware of. They offer help with improving your CV and finding placements and internships. In my case, they could help me find a placement, an internship or a live project for my Business Innovation Project. Why wouldn’t you want the help to improve yourself to stand out from the crowd?

Social Media activity
Who doesn’t use social media?
I’ve been using social media nearly all my life, but I never realised how much it can impact your professional image. Did you know that most employers search you up on social media platforms after your first interview? Well, I definitely didn’t know that until yesterday.

Also, I have recently made a Linkd In account. WOW! The amount of interesting people on there is incredible, best of all its completely professional. Definitely going to make sure that’s up to date, so the employers that search for me can have a good impression.

The plan is to get myself on SERP! I will definitely need to use some SEO techniques to do that.

Team Work
Working within a team has many benefits, especially within a working environment. Tasks can easily be completed and objectives can easily be met. The Digital Marketing Post grad course I am currently studying involves getting in to groups and completing an assignment together. This will improve my team working skills and prepare me for future team working with colleagues.

Tools and Strategies
While studying the digital marketing course so far I have learnt about many tools and strategies that organisations use. Tools such as keyword searching, Google Adwords, etc.

Business events
At the Salford University there are many activities and events going on. Next week there is an employer’s event where students are able to communicate with people that are currently employed in similar positions. I will definitely be taking advantage of this to get an insight in to the feelings of people that are employed as content marketers. I will also get to meet people that have gone down different career paths and see what their opinions are. I guess it gives me a chance to get to know some employers and maybe even get a chance to charm them with my awesome personality.


Thank you for taking time out to read my post!


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