How a Masters Degree Develops Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Individuals with high emotional intelligence skills appear to be less depressive, more adaptable within groups and able to create and maintain interpersonal bonds. For this reason, many Universities include in their offered program emotional elements which can be developed during lectures and assignments.

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion. -Dale Carnegie

But how do I know that the Master course I selected will deliver Emotional Intelligence Skills?

Let first introduce myself … 

My name is Marina Iossifidou and I am an enthusiastic, passionate postgraduate student from Salford Business Schoolam seeking for a career in Marketing Communication, focusing on social media campaigns. Sounds interesting?  Then I recommend to scroll down…                                    

Emotional Intelligence Skills


Emotional Intelligence Skills: Personal 

Self-Awareness and Motivation                                             

Effective self-assessment regarding your emotions may lead to an improvement of self-confidence and self-esteem. Writing several essays and trying to convince professors or team members about your thoughts, can be exhausting sometimes. Especially if everyone has a different opinion. This task reflects the ability to control your emotions while staying competitive and motivated when you are under pressure. The University of Salford, however, offers several 

MembershipsYou can  register to sports centre, students union or any sports club. Each of them will give you the feeling of being part of  a team and increase your confidence and motivation during studies. Activities help increase your motivation on achieving your goals.  

WorkshopsThe University offers workshops to optimise language, IT and Digital skills, and get more confident in job interviews or presentations. I was benefit from this opportunity to ameliorate my language skills and become a multilingual candidate. Speaking more than one language can increase your recognition towards significant industries and help you understand cultural differences in depth.

 Adaptability and Time-Management                         

The preparation of each assignment is two weeks. This approach definitely helps students learn how to handle time effectively, work under pressure and manage any emotion. Only if you are able to control your emotions, you will be able to solve problems and thus climb the career ladder with less complications.  

Emotional Intelligence Skills: Social

Empathy and Conflict Management

These skills reflect your visual thinking and your ability to manage conflicts effectively. Studying with students, who have a different cultural background can be very difficult sometimes. Among team assignments you are able to develop these skills and start understanding people’s thinking and emotions.

Teamwork and Communication                   

The following Marketing program requires individual and team work. Being cooperative and a “team player”, is not always willing by everyone. Therefore, this task helps students to improve communication within a group and work as one entity to receive a great mark. The module Marketing International Business: Branding, Communication and Relationships taught me different communication methods, as well as helped me get in touch with different cultures, a significant aspect for someone who wants to work in an international area.

Building Relationships                                                        

Through search and social media module, I learned to use several tools such as GoogleAdWords, GoogleAnalytics, create blog posts in CreativeHive and approach several network platforms such as Twitter, LinkdIn, Google+, main professional profiles for Personal Branding. I learned that networking and optimisation of social platforms can help me become more visible for industry. However, not only the theoretical and practical teaching enhanced my skills, career fairs and guest lectures helped me build significant contacts with employees and graduate students , who follow the same career path as me. Networking is the key element for success when you want to enter a business world. Therefore, activities as mentioned above need consideration.

Emotional Intelligence Skills Developed through Salford Business School

Salford University gave me some practical and theoretical insights of Marketing. We were taught about traditional and digital Marketing and had the opportunity to develop emotional intelligence skills. I feel prepared to start my career in Marketing Communication.


Did you consider to improve your emotional intelligence skills yet? Let me know what you think about it below.

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