My experience with Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC: amazing!!

As this is the last post concerning the “Digital and Social Media Marketing” MOOC, it is a good idea to make an overview of my way through the course and see if things happened according to the initial planning. Moreover in order to show how marketing applies in every aspect of life other than business we are going to use terms of marketing that we were taught to make this presentation interesting to you as well as related to the course.

Soooo.. are you ready to begin?let’s go!!

You think you are  S.M.A.R.T.  enough?
The very first thing we learned in this MOOC was that good planning and setting goals is the ultimate first move in order to make a good digital marketing strategy. As every peer of mine had set an initial goal about this course so did I. My goal in marketing terms I think can be considered as a quite S.M.A.R.T goal. What do I mean?Let me explain:

My goal can be described as my desire to “obtain through the lectures and assignments  a deeper understanding of digital marketing theoretically  and learn to use digital marketing tools in order to get a certificate as proof of my work.This will upgrade my CV and finally get me a job in the field in less than 2 months”.

This goal was Specific as generalities were avoided and the expectations were defined clearly. The grades from the assignments and the test , the feedback from my peer’s evaluation as well as a pretty small fee for the certification contributed into making this goal Measurable.Young lady walking around city on phone Having to study just about 3 to 4 hours a week made this goal extremely Achievable because this minimum amount of time is easy to find during a busy student’s schedule. Moreover, compared to other online digital marketing courses this course was offered  for  free (certificate costs less that 50 euros ) which as a fact made my goal rather Achievable, too.Considering the statements above and the fact that my ultimate plan is to get a job in this field this goal was Realistic because it was in accordance to my abilities and my plan as a candidate employee. Last but not least my goal was precisely Timely as this course lasted 6 weeks ,in other words exactly as I had it declared.


Make an impact

The other night one of my friends asked me “So, Maria, what exactly did you get from that course you are talking about so passionately?”Hmmmm .. very good question pal. After some brief thinking  I can easily say that this course gave me a lot of things.. many more than lectures and tests! First and foremost I got a very strong theoretical knowledge about digital and social media marketing. We were taught the most fundamental  and important terms of digital marketing. Business environment analysis, business level of maturity, online branding, buyer persona, remarketing techniques, email marketing, planning and monitoring are among the new things that I learned.In addition to the theoretical knowledge the course offered the opportunity to obtain practical knowledge by introducing a lot of tools such as Google Analytics,Google Adwords, speeadsheets, Facebook analytics and Gantt charts. We were given analytic guides about how every one of these tools works and in that way we are able to explore these tools with confidence now.

However  empowering as knowledge can be there is one thing that is equally as important for all digital marketeers: the people! Throughout this course we were all given the chance to engage with people who share the same passion as us, add them to our contact list and know that this interaction with our peers won’t exist exclusively for the purpose of this MOOC.
Having so many contacts with people passionate for digital marketing enables you to discuss topics that you are interested in ,be inspired from their experience ,become better from their comments, explore new ideas and maybe win  the chance of potential collaborations. People are the real treasure of the course!



What’s next?

Being proud of the work I’ve done and the knowledge that I have empowers me to study a little harder to pass the certification exam with flying colors and get a certificate with a good grade that I can attach to my resume and make it more appealing to my future employees.
this new plan has some risk and it definitely requires a lot of good planning of every task. To speak in marketing terms I have to make very carefully my Gannt chart and make a good assessment of the potential risk of this venture.

This is Gantt chart contains all of the steps I have to take in order to succeed in my exams and get a job.


The potential risks of this plan are me failing to study well,failing the test and not getting a job timely. This risk assessment table shows how risky are these situations:


If you think that you can make your dreams come true through this course I strongly believe you are right! It is an excellent first step towards your goals! Stay tuned because season 2 is coming soon and you don’t want to miss it! Enroll while you can!



Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC marketing plan vol.2: revisited and more effective

The first edition of “Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC ” is reaching to its end and a second season is about to begin in 2016.Current students have obtained a good knowledge of digital marketing theory and techniques through this course so it’s their turn to help the course do better next year.

First and foremost the creators of the new campaign should specify the goals of the new campaign , identify the audience and create a digital marketing plan that will be effective as well as timely and within their budget limitations.

Who is the course addressed to?

In order to make clear what the audience of the campaign is a buyer persona of the course should be created. In the case of this MOOC there can be identified two types of buyer personas.


Type 1:The aware-one: In this category are included both students and professionals that are aware of the importance of digital marketing, maybe looking for a relevant course and therefore are very well connected in social media and blogs or portals with content oriented to this field.
Type 2: The unaware-one: This type of person is a student or a professional that is unaware of how rapidly grows digital marketing or is aware but is not sure how he/she can get this knowledge so as to enrich their resume or amplify their career skills. Normally this kind of candidate has a basic social media presence and is engaging with news sites and blogs that are not specialized in digital marketing but probably in their field’s news eg. A portal for marketing students, a career advising or job searching website, a blog for fashion retailers etc.


The Plan
Taking the buyer personas into consideration a marketing strategy should be planned. It would be prolific to invest in a Google Adwords campaign in order to raise the awareness of the course. This is addressed both to Type 1 and Type 2 as first will be informed through the search channel and the later through banners in blogs and websites. Another use of the given budget should probably be a campaign of paid advertisements in the social network(s) that most people of the audience use. This requires a detailed research of the buyers personnas before any plan can be made. One move that can be effective is to invest money on promoting articles in news sites of general interest so as more people can acquire the information about the course. Last but not least email marketing for former students of iversity similar courses can be helpful to raise the enrollment.


The Gantt Chart
After the plan is ready the implementation is advised to be made according to a Gantt chart in which every task should be categorized by month and be followed precisely by the members of the creative team.



The risks

Finally, the campaign team should track the risks of this campaign and try to avoid any jeopardy. In this campaign a big risk is to get out of budget or find that the campaign does not bring the awareness we wish for. As the budget limitation is strict the paid advertisements should be checked very often and in case of Google Adwords daily in order to make sure that the expenses will not exceed the limitations. The following Risk Assessment Chart will make things a lot easier to understand:

At last a few good new additions to the digital marketing plan would be some off-page tools such as a Facebook group for those who have access to this social network and maybe a public Facebook event for the course so as to notify the users for the special dates such as assignment deadlines and new lectures.In this way the Facebook friends of the students who have enrolled the course will find an extra source of information.Digital marketing channels enable us to be very creative,all we have to to is use them carefully and have a good plan,isn’t it right ?!




An e-shop for shoes in Greece?Learn from the best!


Shop assistant putting shoes on clients foot.

Thinking about launching your own shoes e-shop in Greece and you are wondering what should be the right online marketing moves in order to succeed? Well, this post here is especially written for you. We will refer to MyShoe.gr as our case study along with the tips in order to make more clear what selecting the digital marketing channels that are correct for your e-shop is like in practice.

A few words for our case study
In Greece if you google “shoes” or «παπουτσια» (=shoes in greek) the very first result you will get is about MyShoe.gr. It is an online market for every kind of shoe, from sneakers to high heels to flip flops, covering all range for men women and kids. It is very popular among people that want to buy shoes online and at very good prices. So how did MyShoe become so popular?..They should have done something right!


Let’s take a step-by-step look at MyShoe.gr strategy for selecting their digital channels.

1.Excellent Social Media presence
MyShoe.gr have chosen to have very active accounts on social media. They keep accounts on Facebook and Instagram as well as in Google+. They are updating their pages quite often during the day with posts concerning new offers, new products and fashion tips. They have chosen not to have accounts in every social media platform but only in these that are the most popular among their target group in Greece. In other words when you decide to engage with your clients and raise the awareness of your e-shop through social media you should first know what is your target group, what are the social platforms they use the most and then make an effort to keep your accounts very active and attractive!

2.Best Affiliate Marketing in Greece
At their webpage they have an entire section about the reasons they offer the best affiliate offers  for their partners. They know that the key units in affiliate marketing is their business and the affiliate partners and they try to keep themselves attractive and the partners satisfied. Taking some of their tips might help your e-shop, too ,so let’s see what they recommend:
1.Give a generous commission to your affiliate partners.
2.Data feed to the partners.
3.A very large collection of banners which they renew often.
4. Long cookie durance so as the affiliate partner profits from repeating purchases.

3.Paid presence
In your first page of Google results for “shoes” myShoe.gr appears first on sponsored results as they have a very efficient strategy for paid presence. This makes even with their not so good organic place. They have a very big Click Through Rate of conversion and this is due to their very good paid advertisements (Google Adwords) and very user friendly landing page. If you have many competitors and your e-shop organically does not appear in a good place consider paid presence. That’s the tip here if you missed it!

4.Email Marketing and Rebranding
Last but not least if you are about to run an e-shop and especially for shoes you have to make aware your clients or potential clients of your new offers and new products. Sending e-mails to inform your registered users can be done on weekly basis or even in daily basis if a very hot offer or sales are to be promoted. That’s one thing that MyShoe.gr do. Another thing is that they are using rebranding strategy to make sure that you won’t “forget them” or that they will “hear from you soon”. For this purpose if you have already visited their website to make a purchase or even to browse some products they make sure that a Facebook Ad will appear to your Facebook Home page very soon so that you will visit the e-shop again and re-consider or even make a purchase.

So what do I do?
To sum up, when it comes to selecting the right digital channels for your business it is very important that you take into consideration of the following aspects:
1.your country
2.your target group
3.competition strategies
4.the most effective content for your audience and type of business.



Master your brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 steps

Due to the direct interaction with the audience and the clients that all digital media offer it is natural that digital marketing has become extremely popular. More and more brands pick the path of online presence and everybody in the business field is trying to understand how things work in order to implement a good digital marketing strategy. The difference between a good and a bad digital marketing practice is significant: good planning.

These 5 tips conclude all the important principles that you have to apply when building a good online marketing plan.


S.W.O.T  analysis is your best friend

The process of building a marketing strategy goes hand with having a clear image of your company’s internal and external environment. S.W.O.T  analysis is a very powerful tool to help you obtain this knowledge. S stands for strengths, W for weaknesses, O for opportunities and T for threats. You have to know and amplify the strengths of your brand, profit from every opportunity, find solutions to minimize your weaknesses and the threats that exist in your business environment. This process in essential as it is never-ending while your brand evolves and grows through time.



a S.M.A.R.T goal

Keep it S.M.A.R.T   

Once you know where you are and where you want to go the path in between is paved with several smaller goals. You have to set goals such that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. In other words setting a goal should include detail, measureable results,  ability of means and resources to achieve it and should be always put in a specific time frame.



How mature are you?

Every business that uses digital channels for marketing purpose is found in one of 5 different levels of digital maturity. Moving from one level to another or even maintaining your status when you are mature enough for your objectives requires different actions. Knowing exactly the level you are in will help you move faster as you won’t have to get involved in meaningless actions for your present and sought out digital presence. “One level at a time” is the key-phrase here.


digital maturity levels


Being everywhere is not always right

The process of building an online brand can be chaotic as there are numerous platforms that one can use to implement a digital marketing plan. However, as tempting as it appears  having a presence in every online media platform there is in order to make your brand known to the largest part of your audience possible, you have to bear in mind that it is also wrong. Online branding is an asset to your brand equity and for this reason you have to plan it carefully. Identify your audience, develop presence on related to your audience only platforms, launch campaigns and measure their results. If you are not sure that you can manage a certain platform it is better to focus on the ones that you can instead of misspending your powers. Remember that it is better to amplify your strengths and conceal your weaknesses.


Zero Moment of Truth is crucial

When a client is browsing for products or services it is important that he meets memorable messages from your brand in order to get him to pick you among your competitors .When a potential client of your band is at this stage he/she is not sure yet of what the final decision should be. Being aware of this fact a brand should always be appealing by giving the most detailed information possible and by benefiting from good customer reviews and loyal clients from second moment of truth.