Let start on what buyer persona means:

Technical meaning: It is a fictional individual who is developed by an organization based on the organizations researched profile of its customer

Simple Meaning: Fictional representatives of your ideal customers

Buyer persona usually are researched for using the below criteria

  • Names
  • Background
  • Location
  • Key job responsibilities B2B or B2C
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Jobs and Hobbies

All and Sundry Buyer Persona 

This is who they are according to their website

ass 3

“A team of passionate, fun and creative people doing fabulous work in the sun drenched capital Nairobi, Kenya. We love what we do and we do it really well. We are constantly looking for creative, quality graphic design and branding solutions for the organizations and individuals we work for. Our bespoke stationery is beautifully designed and assembled to make your vision come to life. Everything we do has a global feel yet maintains a unique Kenyan flavor.”

It is pretty simple to create their buyer persona as they provide handmade and unique wedding stationery.

  • Couples getting married
  • Clients looking for unique wedding stationery
  • Clients with high and low budgets for wedding stationery
  • Clients researching on wedding vendors

When their go online the above clients shall be searching for the following keywords

  • Wedding Cards Suppliers Kenya
  • Wedding Cards Kenya
  • Wedding Vendors Kenya
  • Wedding Suppliers Nairobi

Online Presence

Doing my research online, using the above keywords All and Sundry does not appear in the results, I checked up to page 3 and no mention of them.

They are relatively active on Facebook, they currently have 1200 likes on It. They do not post daily but when they do they give an inside look on what they are up to and what stationery they are working on. They are not in any other social media channels like Pinterest or Twitter. I would advise them to do so as this would advertise their services to a different audience.

To find them, I had to type keywords which contain the word all and sundry designs:

  • wedding cards all and sundry
  • all and sundry designs Kenya

Keyword Research

Using Spyfu, a list of relevant search queries for organic search can be established as follows:

  • Kenya weddings
  • Kenyan weddings
  • Weddings in Kenya


  • I would recommend they work on their Search Engine Optimization on their website as it would enable them to appear on Google search engine organically.
  • They should also be more active on their blog. Writing articles on the current wedding trends, what they love, give a behind the scenes look of their office.
  • They should also consider advertising using Google Adwords and on Facebook.No Google Adwords campaign has been launched by this company but when it does. The company should focus on Kenya Weddings and Weddings in Kenya. Those keywords would really benefit the company search profile


Taking Stock: Marketing Strategy Insights For the Biggest Mobile Operator In Kenya


Social media marketing is important in any business. It offers opportunities for companies in different areas for interacting, targeting and product feedback

For any company big or small to be active and successful in digital marketing, they need to

  • Determine what their goals are.
  • Use different channels because different customers use them.
  • Use original good content.
  • For a multinational company advertising around the world you need to know what search engine is preferred and use it to your advantage. China: Baidu, yahoo: Japan, Yandex: Russia
  • Use email marketing as it is one of the most direct reminders for your customer about your products and services
  • Affiliate marketing should be used to so as to create awareness of your products, services, promotions and rewards, as it allows you to advertise on other well known websites.
  • Mobile marketing: very important as this devices are been used more than laptops to surf on
  • Use of paid channels: Gives a company more visibility when a particular keyword is searched for.
  • Create online communities where individuals engage with one another and share a common identity and interest.

In Kenya the current statistics are 33.6 million Kenyans have mobile phones, equivalent to a penetration of 82.6%, while internet users were 26.1 million (64.3/100 people).

Safaricom has over 20 Million subscribers and an estimated market share of 67%, the Company has the widest modern mobile network coverage in Kenya and prides in its experienced shareholders, attractive tariffs, a nationwide network of effective dealers, high caliber staff and management enabling it to maintain its position as the region’s mobile market leader.  Their preferred channels are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • You Tube


  • Safaricom make use of affiliate marketing in their strategy, as they promote their current products and promotion via short videos and adverts on You Tube
  • Facebook: they have over 1 million subscribers, they are very active in that the response rate is under 1 hour and they are the first corporate to use it as an alternative to online customer support.
  • Twitter: They use this for all their promotions and competitions. The response rate is also under 1 hour .
  • There you tube channel is used to promote Kenya and the company itself. All their TV Adverts highlight Kenya as a country and what coverage safaricom has to offer as the largest mobile operator and they also give behind the scenes video footage
  • In LinkedIn: they normally advertise their current job openings and show videos on how it is working there.

My conclusion is Safaricom should ensure they keep on with their good work of using digital marketing to their advantage as it is cost effective and in tune with Kenyans uptake of being online all the time.

They should come with incentives for rewarding existing customers, super fans or brand advocates and reward them through recognition, and acknowledgement

Week 1: Why is Digital marketing Important

pic 2

You have spent hours researching, writing, looking for graphics, content and posting on your various social media platforms, but your work isn’t done yet. Below are ways why digital marketing is important for any company that is big or small

  • Have a strategy, this helps an organisation have a sense of purpose. it involves Analysis, Development and Implementation
  • Do a SWOT Analysis that enables a company to identify its strategic direction. Marketers develop insight for this analysis and help organisations to shape their long term goalsSWOT
  • Know where your company lies in the digital business maturity model
  • ZMOT: Zero moment of truth: this is where a consumers goes through the various big search engines to seek out information on a particular goods or service. A company must anticipate what potential clients might be searching for and offer content that is relevant to them.
  • A company must know which digital channels they will use, use Search Engine Optimization (using the right keywords) to their advantage
  • Develop an online brand that is memorable to your consumers.
    • identify brand audience
    • document the brand message
    • develop a presence on the relevant network
    • launch campaigns
    • measure your engagement
  • Develop SMART ObjectivesSMART-goals