Real world problems and innovative digital solutions

For a recent assignment, I was required to fix a real world business problem by creating a digital solution. I decided to use my job; a Medical Records Clerk for the NHS to contribute to this project. Using an out of date system on a day to day basis in work allowed my business solution to be an easy choice. I decided to create a new iPad based system for the department I work in to store all records of room bookings, mainly for clinics throughout each day. The current system was based on a whiteboard and was used by manually writing with a whiteboard pen onto the board. This caused many issues, such as over bookings, incorrect times and dates, and general issues with manual systems. The fact the system was causing so many issues effected other areas of work; over booking meant finding spare rooms for clients which would take time. This in turn prevented other work areas to be completed. As spoken about in my assignment, staff complained about the system during an interview with myself. One said the system was ‘outdated’ and ’causes too many problems’. With researching around User experience, I was able to create a design for a new system which could be put in place in the future. I created an Infographic to explain how I went about fixing this business problem:


Infographic created at