4 handy tips for choosing your perfect sofa!


Here at Brand Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering branded sofas at half the retail price!
When choosing your next sofa everyone wants a stylish design and expensive looking style without the price tag to match! Read through our tips below on choosing the perfect discounted sofa for your home, all within a budget! Afterall, the sofa is the focal point of your living space…

1- Style & Design

The style and design of the sofa you choose can either complete or ruin your living space. Deciding whether you like corner styles, recliners, 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas is all personal preference and down to what you, and your family, require.

Corner sofa’s are great but is your room laid out right for a corner style? You may be best opting for a 2 seater and a 3 seater or a 3 seater and a chair.

Style all depends on the look you’re going for, do you want modern and quirky or traditional and contemporary? The style is down to personal preference so we’d advise looking at as many styles as you can to get the feel of what suits you best.

country-check-biscuit-2-seat-sofabed craven-2-seater

2 – What size should I choose?

The size is key! Too large and it’ll take over your living space, too small and it’ll look lost in your room. Make sure you measure to keep in proportion with your room and take into account skirting boards and door frames!

Make sure your sofa is going to be comfortable for the number of people in your home but also practical for the size of your living space.

Watch out for ceiling heights! You can dwarf a room with a large sofa if the ceilings are low – we advise marking out with tape the size of the sofa so you can visualise how this will look.


3- Colours & Patterns!

Patterned sofas can really help make a statement in your home and really set your living space off.
All interior designers will tell you people don’t match everything up anymore so let your wild side out and experiment with different colours and styles!

We can provide swatches for you to take away and see how they look in your own living space. Bear in mind the practical side of things however, pale colours look great but aren’t the best with children or dogs with muddy paws!


4 – Material

Material is all down to personal preference, and of course practicality!
Leather is not the best with children or dogs as this can be easily scratched however does look stunning in any setting. Leather is perfect for wiping up spills and maintaining however fabric, with a good protector, can be equally as versatile. There are pros and cons to each and we would advise weighing these up before making your decision.

Final points – make sure you’ve checked the below before buying your new sofa:

  • Measurements – have you measured correctly taking into account doorframes/skirting boards? Have you measured to ensure your new sofa can fit through your doorframe?
  • Have you taken the swatches home to check their suitability in your home – do they match the decor you are planning?

Visit our website to view the range of sofa’s available:

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