The innovative Barilla social media strategy

Which is the best digital strategy of Barilla?

Barilla is the most traditional brand of pasta in Italy and in all the word.

This brand mix tradition of made pasta with old and young consumers.

Italian pasta

To will do its in a simple and better way Barilla trusts in new digital media and marge the traditional usege of products

In Italy the most relavant social media is facebook and barilla use it to make feeling with costumers, like pubblication of new kinde of pasta and same recipes

In month of november will be pubblishs a new type of pasta and 2 time per week a ricetta that will have like protagonist the new type pasta.

In same time Barilla will open a new channel feed in twitter to will do consumers back feedback about new and old products. In this case Barilla open a very costumer care (like call center) that use twitter to get back feedback to consumers in real time. It’s simply and in time. Coustumers empathize the nearest of brand and also the trasparency.


5 digital strategy point – #passion4digital

We leave in our future, our future is digital information produced and learnd

How we can improve our knowledge about digital marketing?

5 point to begin #passion4digital life

  1. Strategy: do a strong and long term  strategic palnning
  2.  Make a solid point of view: use SWOT analisis
  3.  SMART objective: litle steps are basic point to start
  4.  Use Digital Business Maturity Model: http://blogs.salford.ac.uk/business-school/digital-business-maturity-model/ to verify the level that you begin
  5. Don’t forghet who are you and who you want to begin, alwas consider the point of view of you coustumers and stakeholders Brand equity and brand awareness are your digital identity