Into The Fire of Digital Marketing

Welcome to my first blog post ever.  I am a newbie at digital marketing having come from a traditional marketing background some 15 years ago.  I took a break to raise a family and in that time everything changed.  Well almost!  What has not changed is the fundamentals of marketing.  What has changed is how that is delivered.

Enter stage left – passion4digital.  I was feeling overwhelmed as I had a lot to learn.  It’s a feeling that I need to get used too as I have started a business called Spare Harvest.  This has been a journey of ups and downs that I will share in future posts.  Getting back to the fire of digital marketing.  So I found this course a world away from where I live, but that doesn’t seem to matter in this online world.  I choose this course as I thought it might be able to deliver the information I needed in a concise and easy way.  So far this is true.  In the first module I realised that some things have not changed in 15 year and some things have.  Here are my insights. Continue reading Into The Fire of Digital Marketing