The Zerotech Doby soaring to new heights


Zerotech Doby

The Zerotech Doby soaring to new heights


Basic features

The Zerotech Doby is a neat pocket size selfie drone which is power bank chargeable. It is an astonishing 0.4mm thin and weighs a mere 199g. The core board on this Zerotech Doby is efficiently reduced by 90%.

You can take just five minutes to become a drone expert by using smartphone apps like Parrot Bebop UAV on your cell phone to make it soar through the air. And speaking of soaring, the Zerotech Doby will capitalize on the empowering technology of ZEROTECH famous UAV for the flight control feature. It delivers like standard aerial drones a GPS and GLONASS dual –mode positioning so in the absence of GPS it will rely on optical flow and ultrasonic sensors located on the downside of the fuselage.

The Flawless selfie

You can use your palm as a launching pad and tap to take off or toss it to fly. It can also be set for voice manipulation to take off at the sound of your voice. This allows you to leave your hands unoccupied to climb that rock or even cook. The Zerotech Doby will definitely become famous for those great up close extreme sports shots you won’t want to miss.  Its compact but neat built has the amazing capacity to resist the wind up to four levels. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors usage, the Zerotech Doby will accommodate the occasional precise hover for those vibrant indoor and outdoor shots. With its 13 megapixel camera, you can take flawless selfies in a variety of scenes with its instantaneous capture mode. It does not matter the occasion you will be in for creating vivid pictures from this Zerotech Doby. It has several modes ranging from the real-time mode, continuous mode, time lapse mode and appearance enhanced mode.

Video shoots

Excellent for video shooting from the aerial view with its 1080p video recording, the Zerotech Doby delivers high-resolution picture transmission in real time. The Zerotech Doby also offers the perfect classic movie shot with its automatic trajectory video shooting via its unbeatable 10s auto-tracking video capture.

Motion sensors

Motioned guided control all through your cell phone, the Snapdragon801 processor in the Zerotech Doby allows it to fly via gesture control and will do facial detection by tracking. It also follows objects that are on the move via target tracking.  It also gives you real-time synchronization with your cell phone photo album for social media circulation.


Sturdy enough to carry objects it also has the ability to entertain with some surprising aerial acrobatics. It is not sensitive to a shaky or wavering hand as it will stabilize itself for that perfect instant photo. Due to the developed tri-axial electronic image stabilizer system to output stable image, this allows for vertical downward revolution at approximately 90 degrees and 22.5 degrees on the upward gradient.

Operating on a Micro UAV platform the remote distance for the Zerotech Doby is a bit reduced. Maximum distances without having signal issues, stands at 100 meters.

The Zerotech Doby is defiantly the future in the palm of your hands allowing you unlimited creativity in this portable pocket-sized selfie drone.


Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review: Get Number one Ranking on Google

Zamurai PBN Blueprint a must have for Number One rankings on Google

By Harriett Clarke

Want to Rank Number one on Google? How about instantly driving traffic to your website? Do you want to get any keyword ranked in the Google search engines with the least amount of effort? If you have answered yes to the following questions then take a moment of your time and continue reading to find out.

If for one second you think that ranking number on Google is a walk in the park then think again. You are going to need all the help you can get and Zamurai PBN Blueprint is just the thing you need to put you on the cutting edge of SEO rankings on Google.

Yes, you have that right! Google rankings are definitely the main search engine you want to aspire to being number one. So stick with me while I outline your options and show you why Zumurai Private Blog Network is all the blueprint you will ever need to achieve this feat!

For those who are not aware, PBN stands for Private Blog Networks and the Zumurai PBN Blueprint is your ticket to ensuring that your business soars to the top of the Google ranking chain and stay there.

The Zumurai PBN Blueprint will help you create your own customized PBN system easy for direct backlinks. An easy to understand Method with no drastic learning curve, you just get onto it and in no time you can witness your website go from the bottom of Google rankings to the top, or at least the first page, all at an affordable cost.

By using this Private Blog Network programme it will help your business to succeed just by ranking higher on Google.

The Zumurai PBN has recently developed an easy six-step programme which demonstrates how you can rank high on Google page in just 27 days or less by just implementing your own Private Blog Network. And this is without having to spend a fortune. It is so easy to use that you would need very little experience to ensure that you are number one in the Google rankings.

You will be able to master these six steps in no time and the following you will achieve:

  • Reach number one Rankings in 27 days or Less
  • Reach your profit goals faster
  • Get more competitive terms for bigger profit margins
  • Drive more traffic to your website faster
  • Target lead opportunities
  • You can then Charge your customers more
  • SEO Guaranteed
  • Push out with confidence knowing that Google’s got your back
  • Knock the competition right out of the ring


What makes the Zamurai Blueprint programme such as success is that they operate on the following premises which take these little-known fact into consideration for the creation of this highly successful blueprint.


  • B2C companies with active blogs get 88% more leads monthly that B2C companies within the same niches that don’t have blogs
  • 57% of entities get their clients through their blog
  • Entities that runs a blog have 97% more incoming links
  • Blogs are rated highly as assets by 81% of companies
  • Nine out of 10 Companies approximately 92% companies that blog several times per day acquire a customer
  • Companies that double their blogging on monthly efforts saw their leads double as well
  • There are 6.7 Million people (and counting) who blog on blogging sites and 12 Million  plus people who blog by Social Media Networks


What are PBN’s

These private Blog Networks are groups of blogs or sites that are being controlled by one entity with the objective of increasing links on a particular niche inside the network with the distinct aim of getting it to rank on the first pages of Google. Utilized in the generation of links for SEO.

Comprised of a network of sites with some formidable backlinks automatically makes the PBN Network an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. If designed with care and efficiency, it will be built with all sites in your niche and one would never recognize, not even search engines themselves, that there is a PBN network at large in your company. So it would be accurate or safe to say that blogging networks are a very good way of ranking high on search engine sites such as Google.

PBN’s have established themselves over time and have proven that they are very helpful when it comes to improving significantly the prospects of grow in your fledging business. By getting those high PR backlinks they help you a great deal in getting high PR backlinks steering right at your website which invariably gets you discovered in no time. Just ensure that you private blog networks are relevant your niche brand for your company and this will generate the traffic you need in record time.

The Importance of Private Blog Networks

Domains are very important in the PBN’s Blueprint. They are utilized to build up rankings of a site in search engine optimization. They build the highest ranking and create authority for the site and the niches and back links specific to the company’s brand. The Blueprint will show you how to gain and exude control over these links, also proving to be far less expensive long term.

It’s no puzzle that Private Blog Networks are much more effective than their opposites (public link network). This is so because of their ability to offer ranking on demand.

Another crucial benefit of investing in a properly constructed PBN and we speak of none other than the Zamurai PBN Blueprint, is that it is designed to help you get the traffic specific to your niche right where you want it with the least amount of effort there is.

Zamurai PBN Blueprint will also help you determine how many leads that land on your website. This will help to ensure that you are fulfilling the wants and needs of every customer that lands on your web page.


Zamurai PBN Blueprint will not disappoint when it comes to seeing positive results in the improvement of your rankings on Google Search Engine. You will achieve those traffic numbers in 27 days or less and improve your understanding of the essentials of websites and blogs for your company. So why not start now. What are you waiting for? You now have the knowledge about Zamurai PBN Blueprint to set you on the winning path to website ranking success. So don’t delay, use Zamurai PBN Blueprint to achieve for your company the success it deserves.

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The ERP Factor

The ERP Factor

ERP- the beginnings

The Business management software known as ERP has indeed transformed and modernized large and small entities worldwide. Since its entry into the business lingo in the 1990’s. Initially, it was widely implemented by advisory and research companies such as the firm the Gartner Group that offers information related to technological development for companies seeking to integrate and automate managerial applications across the board.

ERP, as it is known, is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a business management software designed to facilitate the use of combined applications to accomplish the automated and back office technologically related to the organized and integrated functions  of businesses.

One of the impactful benefits of the ERP system is that it gives companies the larger picture of all  its operating parts within departments on an integrated level.

Companies have said to have saved significant portions of income just by implementing ERP within their managerial business aspects.

It was found that ERP not only impacted the companies in which it was implemented but went on to affect even the external networks and stakeholders of these companies. Such as the supply chain of these companies and customer satisfaction. By making the operational processes leaner and efficient ,companies saw huge cost reductions, a spike in earnings and the organization of their enterprises.

By making information readily available for analyzing, companies who used the ERP system were able to reduce significantly non-relevant data for more effective and fast reporting turnaround time for instant decision making and proper forecasting.  The improvement of customer service was also very evident  as the customers also benefited when they were able to timely receive  certain data related information which would affect their own decision-making process concerning the company.

The ERP for Construction industry

The challenges that Construction Company’s face is being able to estimate construction cost which invariably helps to contain overheads and expenses. Having to manage huge volumes of material for  long-term projects it is sometimes difficult to ensure that the actual cost to complete the project is not more than the initial projected costs. Ideal for on target project estimations ERP functions as the perfect software for the undertaking of these kinds of on target project planning.  Primarily used for Material Planning ERP will accurately forecast via smart integration processes and platforms inventory levels manufacturing activities production schedules and even customer demand.

ERP for Health Care

Hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities using ERP were able to manage properly the streamlining process as it relates to data collection and information storage in an effective and efficient manner. This proved to facilitate tremendously the availability and access to all kinds of crucial information based on the medical process and general health care practices. The enhancement of better communication channels was also seen within patient management systems , appointments and scheduling , patient transfer and discharge, and even the billing processes. Also, the integration of Payroll and HR reports on pay and employee attendance.

It was proven that the ERP system could turn around other industries such as the Shipping industry and Large and Small business enterprise by affecting and improving significantly  the internal operational processes resulting in better outputs in manufacturing and customer service.

In concluding, it is evident that the ERP system supports  the management staff  by providing  crucial information for quick decision-making and monitoring. also creating a flexible atmosphere within each industry. More importantly, the restoration of cohesiveness in each departmental operation. This was achieved for both internal and external processes  which operated under the ERP platform.  Lastly,an improvement in the security of company data was a crucial added benefit.

In all, the system allowed for increased collaborative efforts and an enabled a harmonious whole of all a company’s component parts.



Advertising in Digital: An Example of A Digital and Social Media Campaign

Advertising in Digital: An Example of a Digital and Social Media Campaign

Product: The Digital and Social Media Marketing Massive Open Online Course -MOOC

Situation: The Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC is designed to improve digital and social marketing skills in the workforce. By increasing skill sets and retooling   traditional marketers, this course will impact European organisations by preparing individuals to fill those organizational gaps for digital and social media marketing professionals. The course utilizes case studies showing current digital and social media marketing practices across Europe via video interviews incorporated in the lectures.

With the September -November batch of participants coming from a wider pool of international students; this course realizes its potential for expanded impact and must see this as an opportunity and a lucrative endeavour with rippling effects outside of Europe and must now embark upon an advertising campaign full throttle to include a wider intake of international students.

Objective: The objective of this campaign is to, in a short time period recruit new and existing participants for the Digital and Social Media Marketing Course.

Target Audience: This course is aimed at two audiences:

  1. Organisations who want to establish and improve their digital and social media marketing footprint.
  2. Everyone interested in digital and social media marketing who might consider studying or working in the field.

Buyer Persona: Margaret the Marketeer is a 35 year old traditional Marketer who has spent most of her career life in Marketing and Advertising. Margaret has some experience in Digital and Social Media Marketing. But does not understand the gamut, reach or capacity of Digital Marketing because some of her efforts have failed because due to incorrect and misconceptions about Digital and Social Media Marketing. Margaret is either  a Self-employed entrepreneur or the Manager or Director of a firm within her capacity of overseeing the entire marketing plans of such an organization. Margaret dabbles with Social Media and Digital Marketing tools to do with SEO and subscribes to newsletters and blogs with the latest updates on the subject.

Competition: ALISON AND OTHER MOOCs who promotes free education along the World Wide Web.

Concerns: Many persons are used to having the option of purchasing their online certification even after the course has stopped with other MOOC’s. An offering of a certificate of participation should still stand however with the added offer of participants being able to upgrade at any time   with the condition that they have participated in the exams as well  .

Brand Promise: Easy to use platform for students worldwide at any level of the digital maturity, with the best online technical support and certificate at any time after completion

Your advertising campaign should seek to utilize digital channels suited for this endeavors to emphasize the fact that they practice what they preach by adhering to the very platforms which are being taught via your course.

  • A white board ad for YouTube channel with an admonishing offering free certificates to the first 100 students
  • Social media platforms
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Podcast interview testimony for Website
  • Brochure about the course
  • Flyer
  • E mail marketing Newsletter to existing clients having pursued similar courses and A discount for existing customers or pass students who get others to participate via their own social networks and platforms
  • Adwords Campaign


Advertising  CampaignNovemberDecemberTotal
AdWords @ $2 per day$150$150$300
Twitter advertising$50$50$100
Facebook Advertising$120$120$240
Creation of Whiteboard video$$20$20
Email Marketing$20$20$40
Podcast for recorded audio interviews$130$130$260



Task allocation and action sheet

TaskPersonStart DateEnd Date
Campaign OutlineMEOctober 27October 30
Whiteboard AdfiverrNovember 2November 7
Create and Monitor adwords ad WomanNovember 2
Key Word Search ManNovember 2November 2
Set up and Manage Facebook Paid ads Man LeaningNovember 2December 30
Content Creation for Facebook Post Man LeaningNovember2December 30
Set up and Manage Twitter Paid ads ManNovember 2December 30
Content Creation for Twitter Post WomanNovember 2December 30
Upload Whiteboard ad on Youtube


 ManNovember 2November  7

Creation of Infographs picture campaign

 Man LeaningNovember 2November 5
Creation of Flyer 


November 2November 7
Creation of Landing Page Man LeaningNovember 2November 7
Set Up YouTube Channel and Google Hang outs for webinars Man LeaningNovember 2November 7



 WomanNovember 2November 15
Lead page design and set up


 Man LeaningNovember 2November 10


Campaign Risk Assessment

Risk IdentificationProbabilityImpactAssessmentMitigation/Managaement
Low response on   social media



low SERP

rank, reducing reach.

 3×4=12Utilisation of  networks, blogs,to engage clients

and other content, link all

profiles to each other in

order to generate traffic;

constant posting of relevant materials for active engagement in

these networks




Major impact, due to

possible fines and other


 5×1 Pictures and other content is creative common content; ensure that permission is granted for copyrighted information ask permission were necessary and give credit /reference



optimisation and

monitoring of all



Would lead to low rank on

Google SERP and thus hide valuable content, and benefit competitors

 2×4=8Evaluate if content is

relevant and delete

irrelevant content; having

a focus on the important

networks, by developing a

clear optimisation


Message could not

be clearly

transmitted to



Students would not

engage and apply for this

course as they are not

aware of its benefits and


 2×5=10Identifying goals of

campaign and then of

target audience, develop

then a strategy that meets

both interests

Campaign not

appealing to target



Lack of participation on

course and networks of

people would lead to loss

of customers and possible

loss of valuable partnership,

because of a lack of sucesss in campaigns

campaign ; low rank on




media marketing;

conducting market

research and highlight in post topics of interest to students


Users feeling


offended by



Would have negative

impact on business

reputation of MOOC, and

lead to loss of interested


 1×5=5Be sensitive to a variety of cultural differences ,religious differences and political differences due to the international

character of campaign,


Miscalculation of

the budget


Not having the financial

resources for further

advertising the campaign

effectively; cut in other

departments leads to

negative impact on

success of campaign

 2×5=10Constantly monitor expenditures

and costs of marketing

activities; never go over limits of


Delays of posts on

social media

networks, due to

weak time



Causes chaos in

conduction of marketing

strategy and prevents a

clear overview on


 2×4=8Developing a Gantt chart

with strict time tasks, and

continuous controls of



breakdowns, due

to system issues


Important content could

get lost, and slow campaign plans

 2×5=10Always back up data external devices, and

keep maintaining all our

technical equipment with adequate support staff


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For persons interested in a comprehensive course in Digital and Social Media Marketing sign up now and don’t delay. The Future in advertising is here:

The Buyer Persona Explained

The  buyer persona explained

cartoon_ buyer persona

Who is a buyer persona?

For many businesses whether online, offline, big corporations or SME’s, knowing your buyer persona and the attributes that make up this personality is  of great importance.2014-05-buyerPersonaBLOG_graphic_1b

SO who or what is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional individual who is developed by an organization based on the organisation’s research profile of its typical customer. In short a profile of a perfect customer for your business.



But why create a buyer persona in the first place?

  • A defined guideline so that products and services are developed around this fictionary character.
  • A guide for content creation for digital and social media

Every good marketer knows that having an idea of who you are selling to is very important for your marketing campaign to succeed. Knowing your client is tantamount to conversions. How else can you tailor make products and services to match what your buyer persona wants and is willing to spend to get.

You must know the searching habits of your buyer persona, where does she go to connect with the items of desire, whether its search engines or social media  so that you can strategically position yourself at that place with the right message to bring about conversion or even launch a new product.

What the buyer persona is not

There will be a tendency to confuse the concept of your buyer persona with your target audience. The only real difference between the two is that your buyer persona is an individual your perfect high conversion client. And the Target audience is an aggregate of persons between a certain age group that have certain characteristics specific to that group.

Basic personal details about you client

  • Namemaintenance_morris
  • Background
  • Key Job responsibilities or current role in organization
  • What decisions and challenges she faces daily that your product or services help to solve


Say for instanceconstruction-management

A Jamaican company that is a retail and wholesale company for building materials, home improvement supplies, household items and offers residential and commercial construction services would probably have a buyer person that looked like this:

John the Builder

John Maxwell owner or manager of a construction company that develops housing schemes or apartment building complexes and commercial complexes.

John Maxwell has the responsibility to source building materials of huge quantities from reputable organizations on behalf for his company. And is looking for the best in the business of durable material with a reputation for longevity. The Hard ware and Lumber company will have to supply Johns needs to find and procure enough  material for the project.

Bear in mind that a company can have more than one buyer personas, take for instance

Handy Man Jan Riddle. AKA Mr. Fix it

Jan is a Family man. A husband Dad and friend.handyman_isolated_over_white_background_cg8p0708123c_th

His hobbies are building and renovating.

Jan bought a fixer upper for a house even thou he could have gotten a newly renovated

He enjoys using his tools to fix things both for himself, family friends and  neighbours.

To optimize their chances of being found by both buyer personas online the following were considered as words the company should use as keywords for content on their website,blogs,pay per click ad campaigns and their social media platforms; which would include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

For John the builder keywords may include:

Hardware and Lumber, Lumber,Hardware,Cement,Nails, Wholesale Hardware, Wholesale Lumber.

For Handy- Man Jan some of the search words he may use to find the perfect tool company of choice may be

Tools, Tools and equipment, Tool Box, Utility belt, Utility tools belt, Tools belt, Wall Paper, Door Knobs, Door Locks, Gloves Screw Drivers,Handyman tools, renovation .

It is so much easier for a company when a buyer persona is developed so to improve your organisations chances of increasing sales and making adequate Returns on your investments go to and use the tool to build a buyer persona for your organisation.


A Case Study: Things to Consider for your Best Media Marketing Mix

A Case Study: Things to Consider for your Best Media Marketing Mix


Knowing the proper media mix for your business’ communication campaign is crucial to ensuring its success. One in which you will be able to increase your conversion rate because your target audience have received your campaign message, and acted upon it.

Each communication strategy has its place but you have to know the relevance of each so that you can reap the benefit for your business. Knowing what to use when and where is important to an effective marketing and communications campaign for your business.


Traditional media channels

Those include: TV, Radio, Direct mail and Billboards



Digital Media Channels

With the increased use of the internet digital media channels are available to add to the mix and are more often than not a cost effective way of executing an excellent communications plan.

Digital Communications Channels:



Search Engines

Mobile Marketing

Social Media

Affiliate Marketing

Case Study :Big Fish Training Institute


As a Consultancy My PR company Blazing Trails PR Marketing and Advertising Network is responsible for advising our clients as to the best PR and Marketing strategy available according to the company’s budget ,its location, and its level of Digital Maturity, and Strategic Plans for next 5 years.

Today I would like to share a case study concerning one of my clients who will remain nameless for sake of confidentiality. We will call this Company Big Fish Training Institute.


Big Fish Corporation

Big Fish Training Institute  is a group of persons with the licenses to train in a particular area of management for local institutions but is a part of an international based company with an established brand seeking to infiltrate globally. Big Fish Corporation has identified its target audience as corporate Jamaica.



Their curriculum includes the training of Mangers to be better team leaders and as such to register for one of their training modules which is very costly mainly because of the high ranking profile of certification and the venues they secure for training.

Lately, because of the down turn in the economic situation in that country their numbers have been falling off drastically and my company was called in for a re branding process.

The first thing we did was to decide on the Marketing channels we would use for the process. Which ones were already working and which ones were no longer appropriate based on the direction of the company and the current industry environment.

Because of the exclusive high profile nature of the company they had not done billboards or direct mailing, neither radio or television. They had relied on referral and their affiliations to the company whose brand they were licensed


The Jamaican situation

Information technology report 2015 finds 80 percent of Jamaica’s population widely using social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Jamaica is now rated 5.6 out of 7 by the World Economic Forum which ranks countries from one to seven for their use of social media, one being “not used at all” and seven representing “widely used”.

As of mid-September there are now 1,000,000 Jamaicans on Facebook. Compared to 5 years ago when   the number of Jamaicans on Facebook was at 500,520 growing monthly by 35,000.

Their location being Jamaica, Jamaica has begun to see an increase in its population of 2,798,837  using the internet and social media (36% of its population being engaged as of September 2015 ). This could be attributed to a  fascination with smart phones as well. Being a community oriented society the combination of smart phones and social media  facilitates a connectivity which is beginning to fade as the country becomes increasingly corporate and industrialised.


The following were proposed by my company:

Global channels

A website

Email marketing utilizing their existing email listing


Social Media

Mobile marketing

A website was made to be more mobile friendly with SEO compliance on google search engine ,as Google was ranked as the most used  search engine in Jamaica. A Mobile app was designed. Email Marketing was done using Mail Chimp templates. And Branding was not only done via Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but a YouTube Channel was eventually developed to host chats and Hangouts instead of a physical venue which had proven in the past to be costly.

Television and radio were utilized only for Talk Shows to tell of the great things which Big Fish Corporation was doing and because radio was the number one traditional media in Jamaica, there was more radio time used

They have achieved much more in drawing out their target audience to Hangouts which cut down significantly on the cost to register which is now in line with the average cost in Jamaica for a training session lasting only a day. Their mobile app, quite the rave has now become a featured staple with their mobile users. The mobile app incidentally was circulated via their Newsletter announcements and has been passed on to other interested parties via referrals because of the tit bits and tips segment. The newsletter is also embedded on their website as a link on their mobile app.

The Company which had started out as a level one Company in Digital Maturity now seems to be heading fast to a level 4 in the short space of time because of its willingness to adapt to the changing environment in order to survive.


Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital Marketing and Social Media

At last folks the the Digital Marketing and Social Media Course is Live and Active at Iversity Digital and Social Marketing course

So I am going to share with you what I learnt in the First week my thoughts, my observations.

1. The importance of Integrating Digital Marketing and Social Media into the Organizations main Strategic Planning

It is clear that Digi Biz image 2within the next 5-10 years, Digital and Social Media marketing will be at the forefront of an organization’s strategic planning.
As the methods of communication between B2C becomes more and more digitized, it will be imperative, if not mandatory for the strategic planning to focus on marketing strategies in terms of online components and audience which will in turn be gravitating to the brand based on this online presence. Therefore, it will become important for these organisations to note that the only way they will have the competitive edge is to be present on line using multiple platforms to accomplish this.Digi Biz 7

2. Sales Driven vs Market Driven concept

DIgi Biz 4

Consumers are now doing intelligent shopping and this makes it harder to convince a consumer that your product is a must have if that consumer has and sees no initial need for it. Consequently, the death of the sales man and the control he welds over his consumers is eminent as customers’ needs most now be taken into full consideration before products are developed, recalled or improved. Business will now have to sit and wait on the customer to make the first move. However, online tracking and the analysis of customer behavior with social media tools will ensure that business are kept up to speed with the fickle needs and wants of the online shopper who has several alternatives to choose from.

Digi Biz 5

3. How the Level of technology used in business affects the business-Digital Business MaturityDIgi Biz 6
This word is new to me but very valuable in a consultancy. The various levels of digital maturity and the description of each level should help business understand their position online in terms of the competition they face, how they do business, how effectively they do business and their profit margins. A SWOT analysis should reflect this level highlighting it as affecting all 4 elements of this analysis. What struck me most was the challenge of preparing your business for the fourth stage but not having client base at the advanced level that your business maybe. What happens if your client and you are not at the same level whose responsibility is it to get them to the required level of success for their business.

4. The addition of the Zero Moment of Truth as the 4th step in the marketing model in the Consumer Decision Journey –CDJ
The Traditional process had three steps, stimulus from a TV ad, a problem to be solved a friends rave etc. Then the first moment of truth, Point of sale which is purchase, the second moment of truth where the person formulates a perception of loyalty or dissatisfaction which is then shared with others. The Fourth additional step in marketing model now reveals that more customers are doing extensive research before purchasing which is known as the Zero Moment of Truth. This discovery will equip businesses by realizing that what they put out there in internet land cannot be substandard and their SEO’s must be of maximum efficiency.

5. Your Brand as an asset with equity based on your targets perception

Digi Biz Image 3
It is important for business to understand the importance of their Brand as an asset with equity based on the perceptions of its target audience. Therefore, it is important that the business goes where the audience is which is mostly online these days and ensure that the proper Social Media Platforms are in place, monitored and managed to ensure a positive and visible presence online.

SO if you are looking for a great online course try you’ll be glad you did!! And stay tuned to my Digi Biz Channel!!