Advise to advertise

Since the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC is focused on Europe; for all European countries it needs to be investigated what social networks are used by potential students.

In the beginning of the first MOOC you did a survey with a few questions. Unfortunately it did not give you all the information needed to create ‘student’ persona’s. An adjustment to this survey would be an improvement, but, this survey gave you enough information about your target audience.

So you first have to classify the students of the current MOOC class and compare the subscriptions with the previous campaign you had for this first MOOC. Here you can learn what the effect of your campaign was. If you are missing students from specific countries then it could be that you were not engaged on the most popular social media network for that country. If you are missing middle aged professionals then it could be that you were not engaged on popular professional or B2B networks.

So I suggest that you spend the first week of the campaign analyzing this data and apply the results to engage in the determined social media networks simultaneously the second week of the campaign.

Another thing is to filter out those people at Iversity that were interested in similar kind of MOOCs in the past. It could be that they had a full agenda and did therefor not subscribe to this first MOOC. If those people wish to receive mail from Iversity then they should be mailed about this new opportunity to follow this course. This can be done in the first week.

Also people who dropped out from the first course should be approached since we don’t know the reason they quit. Perhaps they are happy with a second change.

The MOOC should be added to the list on the general newsletter with ‘new courses’ that is sent to all subscribers

Remember that there exists a lot of content about this course on the creativehive page. You should not forget to add clear content about the start of a new MOOC on this website. There is a good chance that googlers find a page on this website that is related to this MOOC.

Furthermore, the keywords about this course that include “start date” should be adjusted. This all should be done in the first week.

In the weeks after these preparations, tweets and messages about the existence of this second addition should be scheduled and broadcasted over the determined social media platforms.

Somebody needs to be available for about an hour a day to answer questions and to monitor the channels.

A day before the kick-off a new e-mail needs to be sent that urges people to subscribe before the course starts. Also in the first week of the new course the course can be added on the list of new courses.


A new market for your products

As an example for my homework I picked out the company ‘Prima Blokhutten’ that sells wooden houses in the Netherlands an Belgium:

A new market for your products!

I did some investigation on the products you sell and the prospects for your products.

Recently, a whole new market emerged for care homes: people want to take care of one of their parents who is unable to live fulltime alone but who is still able to take care of his/herself.

The law says that you don’t need a building permit to build such a house if you build it next to an existing house. The products that you sell can easy be used as a care home. I suggest you find a partner in domotica to enable the wooden house as care home.

Regarding your product I think you should specifically focus on the atmosphere that a wooden house has and how quick and easy it can be build.

I made a Buyer Persona for the type of people who might be interest in buying a care home.

Name of the persona: Caring Sonny


  • Stable job, made a career to support his family
  • Is Married with 2 children (17 home and 24 left home)
  • Has a mother in law that needs care but lives elsewhere


  • Age 40-60
  • Dual HH Income: €80,000
  • Suburban
  • Netherlands or Belgium


  • Caring demeanor
  • Is professionally active on social media
  • Prefers to communicate by phone
  • Finds his things on Google and marketplaces


  • Puts family on the first place
  • Professional life is almost as important


  • How to take good care for my mother in law?
  • How to protect our and her privacy and independency?

What can we do:

  • A separate home in the backyard
  • Automation of the home to make everything easier for her and us

Real quotes

  • “My wife and I really would like to take care of my mother in law but I also like to be private in my house”
  • “My mother in law deserves to have the feeling that she still lives on her own.”
  • “We don’t want to drop her in just some box, but it must be something really special that gives a good atmosphere to live in.

Common objections

  • I’m worried that my mother in law will not like the her new living.
  • I am worried that we have to walk back and forth from our house to hers for all her small needs
  • Do we need a building permit?
  • What can we do with the building is mother in law is not there anymore?

Marketing messaging

  • Atmospheric care home made from wood with integrated domotica

Elevator pitch

  • We give you a complete low-maintenance atmospheric wooden home, fully isolated and equipped with domotica to ease the life of the inhibitor and for distant monitoring

To find keyword to use in your content and landing pages I did a small investigation in your Google analytics account and I found the following words and combinations of words:


Zorgwoning met domotica

Woning in de achtertuin

Houten woning

Vergunningvrije zorgwoning

Conquer the world with your Tailored Shirts!

As we all know, the World Wide Web has made our world smaller in a sense that we are theoretically able to reach anyone on our planet who has access to the internet. So if you have the option to sell your products worldwide, why would you only put all your effort in advertising only locally and via one channel? It is just the addition of channels through which you can reach your potential customers and along with that increasing your revenues. Theoretically, in the digital world there are no limits. The practice requires adjusted logistics and financial administration. But your company can overcome this: The world is at your feet!

So far you have just targeted your own country and you used only Google and Facebook to reach potential customers. Can you imagine how it can boost your company if you just start to implement a marketing strategy rather than executing separate marketing activities? When you are able to broadcast your activities over multiple channels and get people involved so that they will recommend your tailored shirts on a social platform or while dining with friends? This is the boost that engagement with customers and prospects on multiple channels can bring to your company. Because mouth to mouth advertising is the best advertising you can have!

So, what needs to be done by your company to extend its business to other channels and other geo-targets? Actually it is quite easy, the most important thing about it is that you should have a strategy. First determine the countries that you want to target. Since the website is already available in four languages I suggest that you start to target these European countries where those languages are spoken; The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Then determine on which channels your (potential) customers hang out; so where to reach them? This means social media platform, blogs, forums, but also whether they use mobile devices more frequently or not. This may differ per culture or geographic region, but I suggest that at least you should be present on LinkedIn, since business people and other professionals tend to wear a shirt and tie as their daily outfit. Then you have to determine the options there are to get engaged with them. For this you have to get involved on the same platforms and add valuable content, respond to questions and positive or negative feedback etc. Periodical e-mail on subscription is also a way to stay in touch with people who are interested in your tailored shirts. The intention is to build trust and brand recognition. This is a slow process with solid organic results in about a year or more. Paid advertising on social media channels and Google or affiliate marketing can be used to support immediate offers or actions to sell your products.

How to get started? With mobile! Mobile is booming. Today, in most of the countries more people access internet through a mobile device than through a PC or notebook. Improve your website design: Make it mobile friendly! Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you have online optimization and offline optimization of your website. Strong, valuable content and relevant keywords; write for your audience, not for crawlers. Always keep in mind that you write, create content and make contact to serve your (potential) customers better… much better than your competition. Find ways to measure and analyze your actions and its results. In that way you can learn from failures, repeat successes and improve your digital and social media marketing strategy continuously.

Go for it!

My 5 topics of interest regarding digital and social media marketing

  1. Using twitter
    Usually I am not among the first who adapts to a new social platform and thus I did not use a twitter so far. This course however forced me to open an account on twitter. I have some experience in social media marketing and I know that every channel you open comes with effort and so far it is hard for me to estimate what it really brings for the business. I am curious how this can be measured.
  2. Strategic planning
    This is actually the subject for which I am following this course. Instead of trying all kind of things to attract and keep (potential) customers, I want to be able to set up a strategy for digital marketing. As it is said: it is better not to go on a social media platform if you don’t have a strategy. One of the reasons I was not present on twitter so far.
  3. SWOT analysis
    So far I did not analyse the competitors and adjust the online strategy to a segment where there is less competion. I Always relied on our basic strength that has to do with the quality of our products, a competitive price and the service we provide. From my ow point of view: we are the best. SWOT gives me an opportunity to find out why the competitors sell and find out what the customers think while selling there.
  4. Online branding
    I find it very interesting to learn how to make your brand so well known that people think of it first when thinking of a product. I am curious what techniques this course (and the next course) will provide us about this topic.; how to build trust, how to differentiate from competitors, brand equity. I am curious how this can be influenced by visual aspects (banners, logos, specific symbols) and I hope this course will discuss this in a later stage.
  5. The business maturity model
    This gives a clear understanding what strategy to follow to become a fully on- and offline engaged company. It points out where we are and what way to follow in main lines. It requires to think about the future and to followup with new trends and technologies to level up. I am aslo curious about how customer engagement can be maintained and what the use of it is for products that someone buys only once in 15-25 years or less (like a house). What is the use for keeping engaged with the customer?