Homework – week 2 – activity – #passion4digital

See the communication channels of Magazine Luiza, a leading retail brands in Brazil.


Hello. For this activity, I chose the site of the company Magazine Luiza. The Magazine is one of the major retail chains present in Brazil. It is a 100% Brazilian company that has obtained in recent years a great growth.


Visiting your site, you can verify the presence of the main communication channels for the visitor as well as the provision on social networks.


Today, Magazine Luiza is present on Facebook, G + 1, YouTube, Twitter and Pintrest.


Analyzing facebook page, note that the main communication with your public posts are related to product announcements and promotions. Despite the large number of “tanned”, the interaction is very low. The number increases when promotions are announced.


Google Plus, the magazine also maintains its profile facing publishing offers and some tips. Interestingly, the largest share in this channel, but if we look at the median point of view, the situation almost similar to facebook.


Twitter, another channel publishing exclusive offers. It has a reasonable number of followers.


Youtube. Follows the aim of the service is to disseminate videos on products sold and timely promotions. The playlist could be better categorized, thereby facilitating access by the visitor. Such categorization is briefly identified by clicking on the item first. There is also a discussion item where visitors can add comments, although no interaction by the company. I believe not be the most ideal place for such.


Pinterest. Here there is a good categorization of what the company wants to show to your audience. Also has reasonable number of participants, perhaps because this network not be as common for the final public.


Finally the blog.It has an interesting aspect because its main disclosure related news are the technology trends very new. Posts allow you to perform the interaction with the main channels of social networks, expanding their scope. However, there is little interaction, reserved only for some items of great interest from his followers.


And you reader, believes that this company channels are well-structured and appropriate to the goals of your audience?


Thank you for your participation.

My first post


Like any new relationship, I think for a first contact, personal presentation is the channel for a prosperous and healthy start. So there goes my presentation:

– Muller, where you are? I’m from Brazil.
– What is your main occupation? Well, I am currently engaged in a new professional project of my own.
– What about the fun, what is your major concern? Not really the main thing. I love to read, walk, travel and when spare time, sleep, rs.
– Finally, what is your message to your readers? Seize the day with great joy, after all the best of life is now, it is this second one is living.

Hugs to all and see you soon!