Completing this second section of the course on understanding the different nature of digital channels based on geographic, demographic and digital fit for a campaign I decided to present you with a shipping company that will be active in the Aegean Sea at Greece.untitledTo reduce operating cost, the company will invest in provided electronic services and in digital and social media marketing in the following ways:

1. The website of the company will appear on the first page of search engines throughout all Europe. This is a result of useful advice from Matt Cutts and which I recommend to watch:

2. The company will send emails to individuals who live on these islands in order to be informed for the day and time that the ship arrives at the island. Then we developed a system whereby the company’s customers for the exact time the ship will dock at the port in order to avoid unnecessary waiting and to take their time better.

3. At the same time, we urge those who intend to visit the islands using the ferry to subscribe to our company mailing lists through guided form to receive significant discounts when issuing tickets.
4. Also obtainable in young ages that visit the islands by boat of our company, may
a. exchange information either via the company page on facebook, where they can be informed about what happens on the ship and on the islands from where it goes and what the events taking place in the immediate future.
b. communicate directly via the hashtag (#shipnamenow) on twitter for a direct info.
It is obvious that all this can be made either from mobile phones or tablets regardless of the operating disposal on better dissemination of information.

Finally the immediate plans of the company is the presence in Instagram but also to create a channel on YouTube but using of professionals that the quality of information is high. Also, the company will attempt to join the first 3 pages of the search engine used by individuals who reside in Russia or in China since the number of tourists from these places to Greece is constantly growing.


The company believes that through this integrated presence on the internet will be able to attract new customers and create an online community that will be able to promote not only its own product and more comprehensively the country’s economy.


First chapter

At the end of this chapter in digital and social media marketing, I focused how this type of marketing can assist the development of a company. that’s why I find interesting 5 points which are in non-prioritized sequence:

1. Strategic Plan and SWOT Analysis

I believe that strategic plan and SWOT analysis are in a direct link. Strategic plan at the beginimagesning usually describes briefly the target and usually the way to achieve it is blurred. The SWOT Analysis highlights the opportunities and the threats and may be the factor that will redefine the Strategic Plan and finally after the interaction the way should be cleared.

2. Developing SMARTER Objectives

As we learned all organizations are in different levels of adoption the digital technologies. Companies that overcome the Levels 0 and 1 in business maturity model has to use SMARTER Objectives taking into consideration the evaluation that maybe leads in preplanning all or one part of the productive or commercial process.

3. The consumer journey to online purchase

The unit that I found more interesting is the consumer journey to online purchase. The moments of truth show the way of how a need becomes an idea and then product or services. But I believe that most important is the second moment of truth and how the customer interact with other potential customers. So advertisers have to look after the social media icon of the company in order to minimize diffusion any dissatisfaction and focus at the ultimate moment of truth.

4. Personal branding

Our lives are is or will be online. Products that we sale or services that we deliver can be found at any time of the day and from any country. Frontiers and the restrictioimages4n of time have been eliminating. So now our audience can be everyone who can hear us. Therefore in our presentation in the internet we have to show the strong points of our job and “hide” details or elements which can be damaged.
5. Measuring everything

Completing the first chapter of section I realize that all events related to our consumption habits can be measured. But not only that. I think that the analysis of the measurements leading to the modeling of habits and thus is affected the selection of a product or service over others. Also we have to take care in sensitive areas of social life because I understand that the same techniques or models can be used for unlawful or “dark” purposes.



Summarizing all the above we conclude that digital marketing concerns companies regardless size or area. Interactivity in communication offered by social media and the ability to invite a large number of listeners of the internet opens up many business opportunities. But misuse of these data can serve as unpleasant noise in the crowd. For this reason the operator must have drawn up a strategic plan using a SWOT analysis, utilizing the strengths of the character of the company through the models listed.