School Mentoring Project

Week 3

Anti-bullying The school day starts at 8.30 with form group. At this particular school form groups include members from year 7 – 11. This was a lovely environment to be around as the older children tended to look after the younger ones. Continue reading “School Mentoring Project”

School Mentoring Project

Week 2

I felt much more at ease this week walking into the school gates, as I had an idea what to expect I felt prepared for the morning ahead. First period was spent in a Year 11 bottom set Business Studies class. They are currently preparing for their GCSE’s and have a tough year ahead of them. Continue reading “School Mentoring Project”

School Mentoring Project

Week One

School Mentoring

I have been waiting for this week for months. After successfully interviewing for a place on this scheme almost 7 months ago the moment was finally here for me to go into the school and put all my training into practice. It’s safe to say I woke up very nervous on Wednesday morning, nervous but excited. I didn’t know what to expect on arrival at the school but after being greeted by a friendly face I star
ted to feel more at ease.
Continue reading “School Mentoring Project”

BIDT Assignment

Active Tameside LogoSolve a real life problem using digital innovation


Active Copley is part of the Active Tameside group. One major business problem Active Copley currently has is monitoring the capacity levels of their swimming pools. Having spoken to a number of their staff members, all in various roles, this problem causes a number of complaints from customers due to them paying for a swim, getting changed, and then finding out that the pool that they want to go into is actually full. In order to solve this business problem I am proposing they integrate digital technology. A digital clicker is a tally counter which provides organisations with a means for counting customers going in and out. This digital clicker can be used by lifeguards to count how many people are in each pool in order to assist with monitoring capacity levels, this can then be built into an application that can be used by the receptionists and customers to check prior to going to the poolside to see how busy the pool is. This will allow the customers to have a pre-warning which, in effect, will hopefully reduce the number of complaints. Continue reading “BIDT Assignment”