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Ever had the frustration problem of typing a question into a search engine and you are just bombarded with web pages that make you do all of the work to find an answer?

Well, finally here is your solution!

A mobile application to make it easier for you to find answers to questions in a specialised area, and cut down the valuable time you spent researching and giving you more free time to spend on other important things in life.

You will be able to deliver customer service you would only have been able to dream of. Until now.

This helpful app is targeted at businesses such as Sigma Consulting Solutions who need to provide a brilliant customer service when producing Digital Technology.

Now a new innovative design of technology has be introduced to the market, ready and waiting for you to take full advantage of it.

This amazing innovative design has exciting and user friendly features such as:

Voice Command!

Betmari. (2013) Sound Wave. [Image] via Flickr. Creative Commons Licence. No changes made.
Just click the icon and ask your intelligent friend a question!

Allan Ajifo (2014) Brain Power. [Image] via Flickr. Creative Commons Licence. No changes have been made.
This app also has the intelligence to summarise all of the information available about the search topic to give you an accurate answer to your question!

Just try it! Go on, I bet you will be impressed.

You will never spend hours trawling through masses of information again. Just by a few key words and one click of a button you will have the answers to all of the questions ever asked in the world. Ok, fine, maybe not that much. We don’t want anyone’s head to explode.

By designing the mobile app with all of the most up to date software, we ensure that frustration isn’t included in the apps features.

We want you to have as much faith in this app as we do.

So go on, click download, open and ask it a question.

Charles Chan. (2007) ???. [image] via Flickr. Creative Commons Licence. No changes have been made.
Coming soon to a business near you!


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