Keyword Search for Buyer Persona

Using tool, i got the following by using ‘Digital and Social Media Marketing’ and ‘MOOC’ as keywords search.


This shows the Prepositions of : For, Like, WIthout, Near, To, With and it came up 69 times.


This shows the answers to the following questions: How, Why, When, What, Are, Where, Which, Who? and it came up 90 times, while its Alphabetical order usage turned up 50 times.

SO the scoring will be

Relevancy – 5
Specificity – 4
Popularity – 2
Competition – 3

For the Keyword MOOC the following data came up:

Alphabetical – 284 times
Prepositions – 69 times answers the following: For, Like, To, Versus With

Questions – 54 timesĀ  answers the following: How, Why, When, What, Who, Which, Where, Are


SO the scoring will be

Relevancy – 2
Specificity – 3
Popularity – 5
Competition – 4

Choosing The Right Digital Channels For Your Marketing Need


There are tons of different digital media channels in the world now and they differ geographically, language wise as well as usability. For a company that wants to make use of these digital channels to help increase their visibility there are a few questions that need to be answered first.

  • What is the aim of this marketing approach?
  • What is the demographics that is been targeted?
  • Where do your target audience consume contents? Is it online? On mobile devices or their desktop computers?
  • Which of the social media are they mostly on?
  • Are they mainly drawn to visual content or text alone or a multimedia mixture?

Putting all these answers together help with the marketing strategy that will be executed.
Let’s use a phone company in Nigeria, West Africa as an example on the digital channels that will aid their marketing strategy.

Nigeria is a country where 65% of its population are young people under the age of 35 years and of this 65%, about 85% are connected to the internet via their mobile phones and they are connected to at least four social media network on their devices. The major social media channels been used in Nigeria are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and sometimes 2go.

The phone company will generate the following types of contents that speaks to the target audience on what is so special about their own device that other phone companies do not have.

WEBSITE: This is the first thing that the company need to have. This is where all the information regarding the device specifications will be on. Also there will be information about the company, the people behind it, the vision and mission of the company and all the products details will be there. All the digital media platforms will be integrated on the site and that means with the click of a button you can move to the different social media pages from the website.

FACEBOOK: On this platform, you put up infographs, graphic contents embed with messages and clear functions of the device. Also community engagement is very paramount here, like asking teh audience what they think about the device, what do they want to be improved on, etc. Also there can be weekly sweeptakes and giveaways where you reward loyal fans with different gifts and can be accessories from the phone.

TWITTER: You can make use of graphic contents highlighting the benefits and uniqueness of the device. Pots pictures that were take with the device to show the camera quality of the device. Also you can decide to do a tweetchat to promote engagement with your fan community. More importantly is to create a unique hashtag on Twitter to track all conversation around your product as well as the ability to respond to customers complaints.

INSTAGRAM: Use this channels to post different high definition pictures of the unique functions and usability of the device. Also put pictures of brand ambassadors up on the channel. You can put together a contest by asking you community to take pictures with teh device and post on instagram using a specific hashtag.

YOUTUBE: Short videos about the products as well as review videos about the products will be uploaded. Videos created with the device should be uploaded with a hashtag to help with the curating the related contents.

Note that this is in respect to Nigeria, it is likely to be different for you. What do you think will work for you?

Making decisions in social and digital marketing



The purchase of an item online all starts with an impulse and the need for something from the buyer who unplanned went online to search for that particular contents or something related to it.

The power of content cannot but be overemphasized in this, as the customers read the contents that are been put out there for consumption.

Friends, families, and online reviews determine the final purchase decision that will be made.

consumer making decision

The buyer goes online because that is where the major audience is and the most likely place to get a feel of sincere reviews and opinions of others that are not working in a store.

In making strategic decision, it is important to do a SWOT analysis of the product, the market, and the organisation.


After which, making SMART objectives is very important.


To build a strong online brand and presence, one needĀ  to apply the digital business maturity model

Digital business maturity model


with lessons learn from mature listening



Building an online branding is very important in order to be searchable when your name comes up.