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As a matter of fact, 78% of Marketing Executives expect radical changes in Marketing over the next 5 years –  many of them are convinced that most of the budgets will be spent on digital activities.

Change in Marketing Survey

So how can a MOOC on Digital and Social Media Marketing find its audience to meet the next generation of Marketing professionals? Let’s have a closer look on that subject:


Case Study:

How to advertise the MOOC on Digital and Social Media Marketing?


First of all, you need to find out who is to be targeted.


 Who is your buyer persona?

Of course, the buyer persona are all marketing managers that want to keep up with the challenges of their jobs in the upcoming years. All those who are willing to learn how to juggle with the digital marketing tools.

What skills are needed to be a successful digital marketing expert?

  • – Implementing and managing digital marketing strategies and tactical execution plans across all channels with focus on digital.
  • – Analyzing and gain insights from digital monitoring tools.
  • – Monitoring the competitors to keep the own company on the forefront of developments in digital marketing.
  • – Developing digital marketing campaigns from PPC to organic optimization, allocating budgets and meeting conversion targets
  • – Improving usability, design, content and conversion of all channels

Where to find the targeted persons?

It is most likely that persons looking for a career in digital marketing use digital channels for research on interesting subjects themselves. So focus of all activities should be online.

maxresdefaultHow to attract them to subscribe to your MOOC?

First of all, you need to find a visualization that clearly describes the content and what to expect of the MOOC. The current is using the brands of the most popular Social Media sites and simply states the headline of the content. For the November/December campaign, I would suggest to improve the campaign image: Find a more engaging title that includes a call to action, e.g. “Improve your Expertise in Digital and Social Media Marketing”, or  “Let’s Rock Digital and Social Media Marketing”. Making the bubbles slightly bigger would ease the recognition of the brands on smaller devices and improve the impact on mobile devices.

What activities may help to advertise the MOOC?

Digital marketing can have massive effect, even with low budgets. There are some aspects that must be considered as they are crucial to digital marketing success.

  • Source:

    – Develop your campaign in an iterative way – try your campaign on low budgets and optimize on a daily basis by analyzing all available reports on user interaction in all channels. Do this until it works. And do not stop watching it to see whether the community is still there where you think you find them.

  • – Learn from past campaigns to see what has worked and what has to be improved. Check the reports of previous campaigns, meeting minutes and learn from your mistakes.
  • – Set up a Gantt chart for your planned activities:
  • At first, define the goals of your campaign and make them SMART:
    Goals of Campaign
    Goals of Campaign

    Then define the persons responsible for the delivery of the tasks in time:

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-03 um 15.07.20
  • At last define the tasks itself in detail and create a timeline:

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-03 um 15.07.31
    Tasks and Timeline
  •  In the end, you will have a full GANTT-Diagram – a perfect overview of your campaign in one sheet.

    – Thoroughly check out the risks of the campaign you planned to make sure you can handle at least the problems that might occur that you could have guessed. That minimizes the need of a “fire brigade” in the run of the project. Look at the next chart just to show you an example:

    Risk management
    Risk management

    And of course, most important, never fail to improve your campaign until the very last day.

Give it a try, and good luck!

Have You Met Your Buyer Persona?

Buyer Persona– Have you met Paul?

  • – Who?
  • – Paul, one of the most relevant persons that will tremendously boost your business success!
  • – How is that?
  • – Paul is your buyer persona. You only need to talk to him and learn about his background, his feelings, his thoughts. Find out what he likes, what he fears, in which respect your company may help him to ease his life.
  • – So that is us helping him.
    I agree that it is important to serve each customer individually. But, honestly, one satisfied customer is like the single swalloit does not make a summer.
  • – Right. But what if you extrapolate trends and tendencies by analyzing the behavior of one customer. That will certainly support your understanding of future customers and you can prepare to meet their needs. You will marketing to them in just the right way!
  • You even may be able to see your product from your customer’s perspective, so you will be able to adopt it to meet customers expectations before you have even built a prototype.
  • – Well, that is truely compelling, but where can I meet Paul?
  • – Ok, there is a little effort to overcome to meet Paul, but you will honestly appreciate the benefits of your new acquaintance. Let me guide you how to find him…


  • The Swallow that Will Make Your Summer

  • – Look at the photograph of Paul, what does it tell you about the background of your buyer persona.
  • – He obviously is a white collar employee, probably well educated, open to new technologies and dedicated to design and esthetic.
  • – Good start! Can you consider more details about his job, his likes and dislike
  • I think he doesn’t like papers, he clearly is a clean desk manager. It is probably not a good idea to send him a paper notebook as a gift. He wants to store all relevant information on an electronic device. And he may appreciate to be flexible where to use his device.
  • – What do you think are your persona’s sources of information?
  • – I’m sure he does most of his research online.
  • – Right. So it might be a bad idea to send him a product catalog as well.
  • – Oh yes, he might rather be checking our website. We should put more efforts on our online tools then.
  • – What do you think are his main goals and challenges?
  • – Phu, that is hard to say, let me think about it for a while. But I see your idea and I am really keen now to learn more about Paul.
  • – I understand that it needs more research in detail. Talk to your marketing team, talk to your sales division, how would they describe your ideal customer. Maybe you need another persona, if your target group is wider, for example if your product is used by consumers and companies.
  • – Ok, I would like to discuss it for a specific product. Next month, our new smartphone will hit the market, and I think Paul would like to have that device.
  • – Why is that?
  • – As discussed before, he like to store all information on a device. I would assume that he even wants to have it all on ONE device. Our new phone, the PHAB1XXL is a phone with new dimensions, so it can easily replace the tablet for most of the managerial tasks. It definitely improves his need to carry around several devices, and chargers and all the other staff you need with it. Your phone fits into your pocket, but offers the comfort of a tablet computer.
  • – Fine, a very good example. PHAB1XXL. What does the product name mean?

  • – We cross a PHone with a tABlet, that makes a phablet.
  • – Oh, I see!
  • – So, what do you think he might be looking for when he consults a search engine?
  • – I would think he asks for “tablet low weight”. Or “tablet fits pocket”.
    Or similar things.
  • – That is a good start. Of course, you will need to work on the details. But one thing is for sure: The better you know your buyer persona, the better will perform your business. It is very likely that your turnovers will take off and the new product won’t be a lame duck!
  • – Thank you for your advice, I will get my whole team on working to find out more about Paul!


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“The Sound of Money”

ID-10093035Austria is just a small country in the heart of Europe, mainly known for the mountains and skiers, and for hosting the story of “Sound of Music”.

Would you guess that picturesque Austria…

  • … is one of the countries with the highest market penetration with smartphones on the continent?
  • … that the digital industry is among the leading in Europe?
  • According to the Mobile Marketing Report 2015, more than 86% of the mobile phone users own a smartphone, and hardly anyone claims that he or she is annoyed by mobile advertisement.

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Getting started #passion4digital

getting started
getting started

Okay, let’s get started: With thoughts on Digital and Social Media Marketing and with this MOOC blog!

Before you can think of actually go to the starting line with your Social Media activities, preparation is key for your success.

Check before you start your #passion4digital:

  1. Do I have a consistent strategic plan?
  2. What learnings do I get from an in-depth SWOT analysis?
  3. Have I developed – and written down! – SMART goals?
  4. Of which digital business maturity level do I start, where to I reach out?
  5. Do I know my customers journey?

Let’s see how to answer this questions in detail.

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