How Being 6000miles Away From Home Can Change You

It has not been an easy journey for me to get here. Nonetheless, it has been an enjoyable one.

How It Started

Becoming a writer has always been a dream of mine. Putting my thoughts into words was the best way for me to express myself. It only felt right that I took a degree in Journalism to further enhance the passion I had in writing. High school went by like a dream. The more I tried to speak up, the more it felt like people were not listening. I made the decision of taking a degree in Public Relations to improve my social skills. It was tough getting out of my comfort zone especially when you are so used to it. Then what was once difficult became easy. I knew I have changed for the better when it was no longer an issue for me speak up.

Throughout all these, one thing that remained constant was my undying passion for fashion. My outfits would speak for me, my mood for that day and whatever it was I was feeling. Fashion is constantly revolving, staying up to date with the latest trends is imperative for me.

After I graduated, I had the opportunity to do an internship program at one of Malaysia’s pride and joy, a fashion e-commerce company, Fashion Valet. I was up for a challenge so when they asked which department was preferable for me, I chose Social Media Marketing.

To their surprise, as well as mine, I was good at what I do. Of course it was not easy with the little knowledge I have on Social Media Marketing especially in the fashion industry so everyday became an adventure that I was always looking forward to. My time at Fashion Valet was definitely an eye opener. Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry was definitely what I wanted my career to revolve around.

After much deliberation, a new adventure halfway across the world to further my studies seemed the most intriguing and would definitely be a life-changing experience for me.

It is amazing how being away from the norm can change you. Sometimes, being away from home can teach you even in such a short time. Choosing Salford itself was probably the best decision I made. It is not always the place that makes it special. Usually it’s the people that makes it different and out of the ordinary.

Social Media Marketing is a vital part of the Fashion Industry in UK. Malaysia on the other hand, is slowly catching up on the bandwagon. Since UK is one of the leading countries when it comes to fashion, a lot can be adopted from them. The vast difference between this two countries can clearly be seen. The Fashion Industry in Malaysia can learn so much from UK. I am learning and understanding the growth of Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry in UK.

Needless to say, the commonly used term for Social Media Marketers in Malaysia still remain as Marketing Executives. However, since my interest weighs a lot more on Social Media Marketing, it would be preferable to be able to specialise on Social Media Marketing rather than Marketing in general.