Selection of Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel


Selection of Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel

Selection of Digital Marketing Channel is the most important stage of a digital marketing campaign because it is the stage where you decide your strategy for digital marketing.

The 6 most prominent digital marketing channels used these days are

(1 )Search Engines

(2) Social Media

(3) Websites

(4) Affiliate Marketing

(5) Email Marketing

(6) Mobile Marketing

Search Engines produce about 70-80% of the traffic on a website so search engine marketing can be the most effective tool if business depends on online sales through organic traffic. Search Engine marketing can be done for free by using search engine optimization techniques or it can be done by using a paid services such as google adwords. Selection of search engines depends on the country as there are different search engines used in different region however google is predominantly used as a search tool in most parts of the world.

Social Media marketing or SMM/SMO is used to get quick results as compared to SEO however it needs constant effort by engaging your followers in different activities and giving attractive offers/coupons to them. Various social media platforms such as facebook offer paid ads as well much like google adwords section of social media platform also  depends on your region.

Websites, your website is a place in which you are in control of everything as compared to other platforms but the problem is there is a little traffic on your website in the beginning so you need other platforms to direct traffic on your website.

 Affiliate Marketing is the technique in which link to your website is placed on any other website with higher/relevant traffic. Affiliate can be a blog as well or any youtube channel.

Email Marketing is a great technique to convert first time buyers into permanent clients. In this technique a weekly or monthly newsletter is prepared and sent to the list of emails which you have already prepared. Newsletter message can be general and it can be dedicated message for a particular customer/person as well.

Mobile Marketing is useful when most of your sale is via phone calls or direct from your physical outlet so in this way you may not have a huge list of email addresses so you send the same message as in the newsletter via sms marketing. There are numerous software available to send sms in bulk.

5 Reasons To Follow Passion 4 Digital


Passion 4 Digital is the MOCC launched at iversity on 28 September by University of Salford. Here are the 5 main points i learnt in week 1.

(1) Planning

Planning is very important part of any campaign, whether is different marketing or digital marketing. You have to plan the whole process, set goals and then analysis success .

(2) Developing SMART Objectives:

SMART is the business model which is great to measure your success specially the short term goals.

SMART stand for:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

(3) Consumer Journey: Why a consumer buy a product? Either he has heard about it from others, he has used it himself or may be he is impressed by its advertisement.

(4) Turning Consumer into Loyal Customer /Clients

Turning Consumer into Loyal Customer/Clients is important for any business to survive because only in this way the company can grow year by year if you are not able to lure the old customer to buy the product again from you then your business can’t grow efficiently. You can do this by preparing email marketing list and sending them exclusive offers frequently.

(5) SEO vs SMO 

SEO is a technique which is used to rank your website for the specific keywords which are searched often by the users to buy a specific product. SEO is generic i.e brand name is normally not associated with it .

SMO is the technique which is used for branding, when a brand is well know and people search is by its name instead of generic keywords then SEO effort is least effective or not much needed whereas SMO is needed to keep people engage with the brand & let it not slip away from their mind.