Top 5 points of 1st week exploration #passion4digital

At the end of the first week of digital marketing exploration with the help of Iversity Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC (#passion4digital), the top 5 interesting points that I have found are the following:

1. Strategic planning and market research should work hand in hand

Even if there are no strict rules regarding the framework on which the strategic planning should be done, market research represents an important component that can help a certain company, organization in order to better define the strategic planning and implement strategic decisions. Through market research an organization can gain valuable insights related to potential customers/audience, evaluation of business performance.

2. SWOT and SMART objectives play an important role too on Strategic planning

SWOT can be a powerful “tool” for understanding Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of the business/company as long as it is done properly and doesn`t include a huge or too small list of too general observations or dimensions.

An important part of the Iversity Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC (#passion4digital) is that besides the valuable insights given through the videos it provides also a list of recommended references for better defining SWOT and SMART objectives. Some of the references that captured my attention are:


Do you have any other particular references that captured your attention during the first week of  Iversity Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC (#passion4digital)? If yes, which ones?

 3. Digital Business Maturity Model is an important model for analyzing the position in the digital marketing universe of its own company/business but it also gives valuable insights about future action-plans for passing to a next level.

4. ZMOT importance in understanding the consumer better

Besides the first moment of truth(at shelf in store) and the second moment of truth(experience) it is important for marketing research to analyze also the way the consumers search for information online before getting to actually buy a certain product. By the information related to consumers search that can be gained by this model, companies can take certain actions according to this in order to increase their sales for example. The ZMOT model and the insights that can offer regarding the way the consumer searches for the information before selecting a certain brand, it can help companies to gain a competitive advantage.

5. One of the best ways for a better understanding of Digital Marketing universe( #passion4digital ) is by the particular case studies presented during the course presentations.

Sharecruit(Lithuania), The Candidate Ltd(UK), MONKS(Greece), DINO(Bulgaria) helped a lot with their #passion4digital examples in a better understanding of the theoretical concepts.