Good Bye Digital – Hello Globalization and Trends

Sorry for everyone who is expecting another digital post, but my focus has shifted to another subject.  What do we know about drivers of Globalization? Normative drivers such as shared ideologies, neo-liberalism, democracy, culture. Taking pop-culture as driver, which may have started globalization with the Swing-Fever in the 1920ies. Or take the Beatles, all Baby Boomers surely … [Read more…]

New target audience and quality increase for next Digital Marketing MOOC

Get a new target audience and increase and/or maintain quality of MOOCs! The marketing campaign for the second MOOC Digital and Social Media Marketing should add a new target audience and keep close monitoring on the quality of MOOCs offered. Below are the risks identified for this MOOC: MOOCS loose quality 4.0 4.0 16 Close … [Read more…]

Who is your buyer persona?   Short Introduction I am researching the buyer persona for Zalando,, a German online Store for Clothing, Shoes, Sport, Accessoires, Undergarments   Buyer Persona The buyer persona is not only defining a target customer group. Personas are customer models, which stand for typical customers or desired customers. It is like profiling in the … [Read more…]

Digitalization Questions

The lessons on the digital pyramid showed different levels of digitalization. Here are some questions that in my opinion are essential and we should be able to answer those during the passion4digital MOOC.   How can we transform a company into a digital company? Very interesting example is ING Diba, Diba stands for direct bank, … [Read more…]