A buyer persona will boost your sales!

Are you looking to boost your online sales? Understanding your customers will help you tailor your messages to increase revenue. Here’s how you can create a buyer persona to help you deliver the right messages for long term growth!

Boost sales with a buyer persona
Boost your sales with a buyer persona

First, download our buyer persona template to help you grow your business today.

Get to know your customers

Start by grouping your customers into clusters, and give them a name to represent them. Who are your customers? How big are their companies? Which are their clients? Which are their business needs?

Once you have a general idea of your major customer groups, get to know them better. Which media do they consume? Which social media channels are they found on? Can you meet them IRL? Where? In a store? At a trade show?

Then you need to understand their motivations behind doing business with you or your competitor. What is their job? What are their challenges at work? Why do they want your products? What makes them choose you?

Understanding your customers will boost sales

We helped our client Jny increase their revenues by identifying their buyer persona. Jny targets both B2C and B2B markets and has three main customer groups. We call them:

  1. Hobby Holly: Works as an engineer, her hobby is sewing. She sews for herself, family and friends.
  2. Business Bobbie: Stay-at-home mom, med student. Has a small sewing business to get some extra cash.
  3. Company Corinne: Works as a business developer at a small company that sells colorful children’s clothes. Buys textiles from high quality, independent designers to ensure clothes are unique rather than mainstream.

Our buyer persona help Jny choose the right channels

All three follow sewing groups on Facebook and read magazines such as Ottobre. Holly and Bobbie want to be inspired, Corinne wants to learn more about the latest trends and find potential customers. Corinne also reads trade magazines related to things such as GOTS and organic certification.

All three often shop online. Sometimes they shop at a physical store or at a trade show.

Our buyer persona help Jny tailor their marketing messages

Once you have your buyer persona in place you can start targeting them with the right messages. Some of the keyword phrases implemented by Jny contain keywords such as: colorful, organic, eco, textiles, jersey, cotton, fabric, fabrics, fabric shop, kids, online, wholsesale and designer.

Different combinations of the keywords are grouped in relevant ad groups such as: “Organic Jersey” containing keyword phrases such as Organic jersey fabric, Organic cotton jersey fabric, Organic cotton jersey and Organic jersey cotton.

Having a tight ad group with well matched key words is crucial to obtaining high relevance in your SEM strategy.

Increased results for our client

Jny says “The help we received from Digital Media Knowhow really helped us boost our performance with their buyer persona! I warmly recommend them!”

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