How is University of Salford prepares me for a career in Food Marketing

Elise Li (Msc.Marketing)

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog and I would like to give a warm welcome to all of you. I believe most of people have already heard about the digital marketing from somewhere, and it is quite popular nowadays, then I decide to create my own personal online branding to help me get job opportunity in the field of food marketing in the future.



My name is Elise Li and I come from China, I finished my Bachelor degree with business management from University of Bolton in February 2016 and I started my Master degree in University of Salford in June 2016.

When I was studying in University of Bolton, I found an internship in Bank of China during summer holiday. After I finished the two-month internship I felt that working in bank is not suitable for me. I think I prefer jobs that required passion and creativity. After that, I found another internship which was to be an assistant in law firm marketing department. At the beginning, I did not think that law firm was necessary to be promoted in social medias as a brand, however, I realised that I was wrong when I worked there for one week. One of my colleagues was asked to write some interesting background stories about the law or the firm and propagated them in social medias to attract more potential consumers and promote the brand of the firm. I found that it is interesting to work in marketing department because it made me feel excited.

In order to improve my marketing skill, I applied the Msc marketing program in University of Salford, which was ‘Awarded Business School of the year 2014’.


  • The reason why food marketing

For myself, I am a totally a food lover since I was a child. Even now I share nice pictures about food and write comments on social media, such as Instagram, Weibo and so on. Many people included my friends and someone I am not familiar will ask me about the reviews of food or the location of restaurants. I really feel nice to share my experience with different people and I enjoy in it.

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Nowadays, in the field of food, many companies have started to promote their brands via social media, detail information can be easily found in these media. Facebook is a good media to promote brand’s popularity. Many restaurants have created their pages in Facebook, people visiting these pages can simply find out their opening time, location, customer’s review and so on.

I have already got certain experiences about ‘Search and social media marketing’ which makes me think that I can create my personal online branding as to attract my employers.

  • What is personal branding

What is personal brand? There are many definitions of personal branding exist, but there is one common theme—perception. According to Rampersad (2008), ‘‘self-esteem is about how you perceive yourself and personal branding is about how others perceive you.’’ Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not, because it is how they are viewed by others.

A personal brand can be defined as ‘‘the combination of personal attributes, values, drivers, strengths, and passions you draw from that differentiates your unique promise of value from your peers, and helps those assessing you to determine if they should hire you or do business with you.’’(Guiseppi,2014) Not only does personal branding relate to perception, but it also indicates the value you can contribute to whatever organisation hires you.

  • What is next

I really appreciate that University of Salford gives me this chance to build up my online personal branding. This blog posts just the first step to achieve my goal. Thank you for your reading. If you like this post after you reading, please share it, give me a like or leave any suggestions below as always welcome. 🙂