Second wave of the MOOC

Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC advertising campaign for the second edition For the second wave of the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC we can choose from making our course more visible for people that are actively searching for such course or we can find our students by using resources that are already available … [Read more…]

What is the Buyer Persona?

What is the Buyer persona and why do we need it? Buyer persona is an artificial personality, it is created by a specific business marketing specialist. The creation of buyer persona is complicated process and this process could be based on careful examination of big data and existing customer profiles. The factors that are needed … [Read more…]

5 things I learned from week one

I can speak same language as other marketers! This course is challenging as the whole marketing world. I don’t have too much marketing background and English is not my native language and the fact that it is very popular to use acronyms in Great Britain and sometimes sentences like this ”next month we have to … [Read more…]