Having fun at art bar in Sofia

  • Barfly

I would like to tell you about my favorite bar in Sofia – Barfly. It is an amazing place. If you like to be a part in the night life and you are interested in art, this is place to be. Barfly is a place that works day and night – you can check great photo or paintings exhibits, you can hear local live bands, great underground music selectors, movies nights. Some of the famous events are literature readings and short movies evenings. Very cool and fashionable atmosphere as well as you can see:

  • Online presence & buyer persona

Barfly doesn’t have a website, but has a great and daily updated Facebook page. They are starting an Instagram account soon. Their online presence is not so big, but it’s average for this business /I personally believe that they will only benefit if they showed up on more social networks – Youtube account with live performances would be awesome/. Their fans are very active online and you can tell a lot from reading the fan page. After reading carefully the page and considering my personal knowledge of that place, I can say that their main audience is young people between 20-40 years, students or young professionalists for example, good educated, interested in contemporary culture, modern music, alternative movies or social experiments.

Here is my actual proposal for buyer persona:


  • Keywords suggestions:

– bar local artists

– bar art nights

– bar art events

– bar literature

– bar live music

– bar extreme sport movies

– bar gallery exhibits

– bar lively crowd

– bar sociable atmosphere

– bar short movies

– art nightlife

My favorite media in Bulgaria

My blog post will be about my favorite media in Bulgaria – http://www.capital.bg/. This is, in my opinion the most trusted and reliable news broadcast.


Let me tell you about my country. Bulgaria is a great and beautiful place with a huge struggle and difficulties with politic and economic issues. The aftermath of 25 years of democracy is that the people are so happy with the freedom of speech. That’s why I think we have one of the fastest internet connections in Europe, young people using all king of social media and technologies, people in general loves being in touch with the modern world and its achievements. This is the place to say that the most popular and used social media platforms here are Facebook and Twitter.

Capital is influential business newspaper and the website – capital.bg is one of the great examples how a website should look like. Let’s see how they appear in social media and what digital marketing channel they are using:

  • 1. First of all, Capital uses Facebook /more than 130,500 fans/ and Twitter /more than 69,000 followers/on daily basis. I personally use Facebook all the time and I start the day with it together with my morning coffee. Capital uses FB with good diversity – the posts are published very often/like every hour/, but they are about all sort of things. They are not so focused about politics for example – they share information about sports, culture, events and modern life in Bulgaria. I think that this is major – keeping various content and the attention of the different users. They have different Facebook pages about their other media platforms.
  • 2. On the second place you can see that Capital is on Google+ and LinkedIn. Google+ is very popular here, but not as well as FB and Twitter. LinkedIn is used a lot with young people and professionals. Capital has 1807 followers and has between 201-500 employees.

I believe that their presence in those digital marketing channels is one of the top factors for the company’s success. Being always at the right time and place can guarantee you people attention; being accurate, ethical and moral as a media these days can give you people trust and engagement. Personally for me, the cultural and technologies sections are very important for my generation.


At last you can see that they have application for Kindle, if you want to read their full newspapers with a book reader.
I want to finish my post with a surprise.  I’ve found out about Iversity’s digital marketing course at Capital! So my advice is – if you are from Bulgaria – you should necessary check them out, they are innovative, smart and awesome.

My top 5 – #passion4digital MOOC

1.SWOT analysis:

– First of all I was happy to know more about SWOT analysis. I have little experience with digital marketing and I’ve never done proper analysis like that. Here is it my first SWOT analysis /it’s based on my FB page I would like to maintain better/

Strengths – energetic, hardworking, always want feedback from my audience,

Weaknesses – lack of time.

Opportunities – getting more knowledge and more fresh ideas, willing to offer perfect service.

Threats – budget limitations, lots of competitors with excellent brands.


2.  SMART objectives 

Also very meaningful strategy. Before I started my own facebook page, I made a lot of research of similar digital activities like mine. When I think about that now, I realize, that a lot of people starts their activities without much preparations /including myself/. My SMART objectives for my FB page are:

S – Increase post clicks at my FB page

M – From 10% to 30%

A – I will use an extra hour every day to make posts more relevant and interesting.

R – I will have the capabilities to do it.

T – by March 2015

webhomes-who-we-are-purpose copy

3.  Digital Business Maturity model

I believe that I am /my FB page that I want to develop/ on level 2 in Digital Business Maturity model. The era that we live in, showed to my generation how quick the technologies developed and how important is for us to use them if we want to be successful in almost any way. The word digital equals the word future.


4.  Online consumer journey 

ZMOT – As a mother of one-year-old I am spending all my free time at ZMOT. I work at one of the biggest classifieds website in the world and now I am spending unbelievable amount of time searching for baby clothes, shoes, wooden frogs and etc. I am always happy with my purchases, I think because of that good research. I share my experience every time, I want to spread it out and to make somebody’s choice easier. Little joke now:


5.  What is Digital marketing 

Introduction to the core concepts was really interesting for me. When you know precisely what is marketing and what digital marketing it is about, it is way easier to learn, understand and achieve better results. Better knowledge helps you to stay focused and accurate. I didn’t mention online branding on purpose – the lesson was very interesting, but I would like to learn more.

Looking forward for the next #passion4digital week 🙂