Inspiring things for me – passion4digital

This is what I found inspiring learning on MOOC passion4digital:

But before that, let me brag a bit and say that I have been running my personal blog for some time on wordpress platform called Neven’s Blog . On the blog I mostly write about my personal travel, especially hiking – giving some opinions on trails, mountain huts, food etc.

Neven in NH Hotel Vienna Airport
Searching for the inspiration in passion4digital world – books and travelling!

Few years ago I started my web site a  named Nevenov bicikl  (bicycle blog) which is recently enlarged by sub-domains on personal computers and photography. Most recent project is site on my early work – analog black & white photography from 1980s. My social media profiles are mostly focused on photography – Flickr, Behance, instagram and Facebook -but I also use Twitter heavily. Occasionaly i use Linkedin, Pinterest and G+.
Going thru first week of  passion4digital MOOC I pulled out some interesting things. First is that I would have to maintain my digital profile regularly. The personal SWOT analysis is the next big thing I am going to do, just about now! So inspiring! Looking forward for the second week.


This is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.