#passion4digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC – Advertising Campaign Round 2

Digital marketing is the practice of intimately connecting with human beings and spurring their desires into action. That is the most important aspect! Unfortunately, this basic objective of digital marketing – of any marketing – is a fact that the… Continue Reading


Hello Fresh’s #passion4digital and Collaborative Buyer Persona

In the last two-years alone more data has been collaboratively amassed in the digital space than in the entirety of recorded history! But, if we are in the business of marketing our product or service, how do we put all this… Continue Reading


My #passion4digital Marketing – Week 2

In this post I have highlighted three things, based around emotions, mobile optimisation and affiliate marketing, that have stuck with me from the second week of the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC. Emotions come first, so be wary of the… Continue Reading


Hello Fresh’s #passion4digital and Real Relationships

Hungry for high-quality convenience? Then say hello to Hello Fresh! As much as Hello Fresh is passionate about delivering a value-driven food subscription service, they are equally passionate about maintaining strong relationships with their consumers as part of a larger food-centric community… and… Continue Reading


My #passion4digital Marketing – Week 1

The top five points I took from the first week of the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC are… Digital Business Maturity Model ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) SMART objectives Brand equity Marketing never stops   What reflections I drew from these… Continue Reading