5 thinks I get know from the 1 chapter

  1. Digital marketing can be applied for various industries, botch B2B an B2C. The course contains the academic knowledge and real business case studies form around the europe. The companies are different firms which are using digital marketing for communicating with their clients.

First impressions

In this post I would like to write about my first impressions on Iveristy Digital and Social Marketing.

I think the course is really good. The lessons are short and contains helpful materials. The form of course is intuitive.  I find it very productive that lectures are given by real entrepreneurs and people with experiments.  I think the course for now contains only essetions of the material of the marketing and I find it really good. All the materials seen to be good quality but to much post production. I like think simple and effective and I think this course is like that. I am looking forwards for next chapters.