Five steps to make it happen! Be visible and noticeable in internet! #passion4digital

If you are starting to develop a brand in internet, here are a few tips for you. 😉 #passion4digital

  1. Strategic planning. Absolutely necessary for you is to find out, who your audience is. What do they want, what do they look for. The best way to succeed with your strategy is to point it right! Your potential users are out there, you just need to find them and give them what they need, but with a clear idea – how! Nowadays, there are many ways and many options for each customer/client online/offline. You always have to make sure that once you got a user`s attention, you will keep it and turn it into a desire for more. ;)) So, you have to point out your goals right, to create the best mix of marketing elements possible, to measure, to be careful and to do everything possible to reach the goal! :))

    Strategic planning
    Strategic planning
  2. SWOT. You always have to know who exactly you are, what are your strengths and weaknesses. They give you the direction which you can follow to succeed. They show you, how with a combination of strengths
    SWOT analysis
    SWOT analysis

    you can work on the clearance of the weaknesses. What I am trying to point out, is even only with these 2 indicators, you can search (hopefully find) a decision for your problem. When we add the threats and opportunities of the market, you have the best informational background for your strategy. :))

  3. Do SMART. Once you have started building up your brand online, do it right, make it successful. Mark specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely objectives. The only way to see the growth of the brand is to measure your KPI`s, so you need them to be specific. But your goals always have to be realistic and achievable, based on your SWOT results. Never underestimate the market, competitors, audience or even yourself (always keep an eye on the SWOT results). It is a must to mark a time period in your plans. ;)))The only way to see the real result is to divide campaigns into different
  4. The moments of truth. To make sure you are on the right way, you have to be curious about your audience – what they look for, where do they do it, why do they do it there and give them a reason to look for your product, at your website. zmot
  5. Brand equity. Work really careful on the building up of your digital brand. It is good if people know about it, it is good if they look for it, it is good when they talk about it, but the most valuable result is if they trust it. When a consumer trusts a brand, he/she automatically becomes a loyal client, shares with friends and feels happy to be your customer. Whatever you do, never forget to create engagement with your audience, ask them questions, listen for the answers and always give them something extra.;))))                                 Marketing-Terminologies-crash-course-What-is-Brand-Equity_DONE

Yes, to be successful in internet could happen, following a simple 5 step digital marketing path, but the truth is that you have to do it smart, with a lot of motivation and passion. And here is one extra step from me – nevermind if you develop online store, you offer machines or you sell potatoes, work on your digital marketing strategy always with focus on your customer`s needs with a little bit of “extra”. People love to be appreciated and they always appreciate it. :))) #passion4digital