MOOC as a Valuable Practical Experience


Nowadays many clever and passionate students seek for an additional materials for their own development in a different fields of study. One of the tool for such education is the MOOC which provides a wide range of specialized studies for free. It is a perfect opportunity for people who like to educate themselves in something new or develop their theoretical skills in a brand new and progressive way. In this post I would like to briefly submit my personal feelings and experience from my MOOC about the digital marketing and social media. But mainly I will introduce my recipe for the marketing of my music I make as an effective way of promoting.



If you are scared that in the next lines I’ll be teaching you or presenting just a theory gained during this course you don’t have to worry. I would describe my style more practical, therefore my post will focus on the real experience and real implementation of the theoretical knowledge. I would like to start straight forward and show you what I have got. In marketing is important to have a solid base for our business so first of all it is important to specify our strategy. The most common tool is called the SMART objectives which helps you to envision your goals in a concrete picture. So in my strategy I have stated my SMART objectives as follows:

S – Become a well know rapper within the entire country for all generations

M – Have at least 10 000 followers on my Facebook official webpage

A – Once a week submit a new single or video for my audience

R – Have my songs playing in the Slovak radio stations

T – Reach these objectives within a time frame of 2 years

As you can see in the SMART objectives I am as specific as possible but you still need to get along with a realistic goals you can reach within a time frame you have specified. As your strategy tool you might consider for example the SWOT Analysis as well.

As soon as you clarify you SMART objectives you can start you marketing campaign of your product. Since this moment the whole marketing might differ a lot according to your field, but a specification of the strategy you are going to use is the corner stone of your business. It is something what many of you probably knew even before, but a good understanding of the theory might boost your marketing performance to another level.

The next things about MOOC I want to express that it gave me an inspiration for the ways how to promote my music and reach a bigger audience. For instance, lets take to a consideration the usage of the YouTube channel. It is a revolutionary channel as it make your message very simple and clear for a wide range of the audience. People like videos, they like to watch and are lazy to read, so with this tool you can approach closer to them and get the attention. Moreover the social media channels provide a wide range of analytical tools which helps you to identify your issues and problems in your marketing strategy, you can see when, how or which people follows the most or the least. Moreover the Search Engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in a successful digital marketing campaign.

This course provides a complex theory and its application on the real examples. There are many aspects explained in this particular course which might be beneficial for each passionate student. I will definitely use this knowledge in my music marketing and also in other disciplines.

My First Date with the Digital Marketing

For those who are beginners in the digital marketing as I am might be this article interesting and maybe beneficial. But instead of talking what you might find or not let me rather introduce my findings and comments about these basic staff.

The first term in my scope is the SWOT analysis, which is a strong tool and used often by the management of different companies. It is a strategic planning tool used for evaluating the strong and weak sides of company as well as its room for opportunities, but also the possible threats which might occur in the near or distant future. In my opinion is the well managed SWOT analysis a base for subsequent planning within the organization.

Except the SWOT analysis there are different tools which company might use for their better performance e.g. SMART Objectives or KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). These specific instruments can not only measure the performance of the company as a whole, but it can measure the performance of the single employee.  SMART Objectives tool basically evaluates the quality of objectives and whether or not have been achieved. On the other hand the KPI’s is a type of measurement which evaluates a repeated process, and records the results according to previously stated criteria (e.g. number of positive or negative feedbacks from customers).

In my opinion the most basic measurement, if we talk about digital marketing of companies, is the Digital Business Maturity Model. This tool simply analyzes the company’s level of the digital involvement of their performance.



This particular picture examines the level of digitalization among the UK’s small and medium sized enterprises, but as an example it is adequate as the divisions of levels is our focus point.

The last useful thing to know from the basics of digital marketing is the knowledge of the marketing jargon which is quite wide. For those who want to step forward and start a career in the digital marketing would we very beneficial to look on few terms and try to memorize them. Digital Marketing Jargon