Task 1- Chapter 2

The company that I decided to write about at this post is a Greek company named Public. It is a company that sells a variety of things such as: computers, mobile phones, computer games, board games, books etc.
One channel for the company’s digital marketing could be Google. Google is the most popular search engine here in Greece and it is visited daily by million of people. The target audience of the company is not limited at a specific age. So Google is a search engine that is used by all the people in Greece (regardless their age) and I think that Google would be a good way fo advertising the company.
Social media are also very popular in Greece. Especially the younger people, but also a lot of older people, are using every day the social media. Facebook is of course the most popular of all the social media. Twitter and Linkedin are also very famous and commonly used. The company could use Facebook for the promotion of their products and services. A common way is to make a Facebook page for your company in which you can give some informations about your products, or post some related pictures of your goods. Paid engagement is another way of digital marketing in which the company pays in order to have their products advertised and known to the customers. A company of course should examine which are the most appropriate social media for the advertisement of their products. E-mails are also a powerful way for a company to advertise it’s products. The company could send informative e-mails to customers that are aware of the company. They could also send a catalogue with the new products and services or inform the customers for their sales period. Informing the customers for the company’s sales I think that is a good way of acquiring new customers.

Chapter 1

The 4 Points of the units in Chapter 1 that I found most interesting are the following:

1)The SWOT Analysis. In order to make a strategical plan for a new company, I think that it is very important to examine carefully the backup of the company and of course examine what exactly does the company want to succeed in the future.

2)The results that we want to have at the end must be SMART. The targets need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and they should be done within a certain time-frame.

3)Not all companies and organisations are in the same level of adoption of digital technology. The presence of a company at network has 4 different steps. The representatives of the companies that we saw during this course, told us that they are currently on level 2, which means that they are having a web presence but they are still trying to have a two-way communication with their customers. They still haven’t reached Level 3, so they are not yet fully digital.

4)There’s a point, The Zero Moment Of Truth. Then the customer searches for a possible product but the seller isn’t aware of the existence of the customer. The customers are just searching for some products but when they make their final desicion, the messages that they received during their search are coming on their mind again and they feel familiar with the product.