Facing the future….The power of the images

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3DR Drone3DR is a company that sells DRONE technology.

Their site just starts with an amazing movie, mixing images taken by drones with an appeal to the future, followed by a very good music as background where the words are not needed.  Most of the site is made by high quality pictures with small texts explaining the most important features of their technology. It gets our Attention…

MacacoThey are also present at facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube and Google+. You have also the chance of receiving their newsletter, that is periodically and small, always calling the attention to important aspects of drone technology.

If You are interested they take you to a journey made with one of the drones they sell which they called the Smart Drone (SOLO). The quality of images and the background music is enthusiastic and brings You to another dimension. Everything seems very easy  and high technology accessible to all. Promoting the Interest…..

The site is very simple, with all the principal features that a site should have – small introduction of the company and other administrative stuff but the principal is to show the technology and what we can do with  it. It is universal, since the technology that they want ot sell is universal so there is not a concern about geography markets.

It has also an online store  easy to follow, but since we are talking about high technology they also have the dealers solution with a dealer search tool.

What impresses more is that the site, the newsletter and all the digital marketing tools that they use are based  on good films or pictures made with the technology they want to sell. They make an huge effort to keep the people focus on the technology, followed by simple explanations, easy to be understood even for the people that has never worked with a drone. They turn it Desirable…Drone Ensino

Probably is not the best drone in the market but all the expectation created around the site make the drone appear as the ultimate thing.

In the end You just have the desire to have one of those machines to express Your freedom of flying in the air……………….Taking the Action…