Want To Be A Social Media Coordinator?


Social media is everywhere and used by pretty much everyone and their mums. If you’ve sarcastically tweeted a celebrity, if you’ve Instagrammed your latest meal or if you’re constantly sharing cool articles you could be a social media co-coordinator too!

What would i do?

Being a social media coordinator means you’re responsible for attracting people to your company/brand. You know the guys who hand out flyers for nightclubs on street corners? That’s essentially you but online. But instead of people walking past you, you’ll have to approach your target consumers with interesting content that drives them to you and makes them engage. If they like what you have to say enough, you may even get a re-tweet.


The content itself could be:

  • Articles, gifs or Facebook updates and it could be on any topic: Music, Cars, Sport, Fashion – whatever your company requires so (preferably don’t pick a company you could care less about).

This job may also mean tracking the content you write with analytic tools like: Google Analytics, Twitter analytics, Facebook insights, Followerwonk and Spoutsocial.

The sound of tracking numbers and stats for your boss doesn’t sound good? What about seeing people engage with stuff you’ve worked hard on? Getting likes, shares and tweets? If you feel a rush when your Instagram gets to 11 likes imagine what reaching thousands of people would feel like?

Where should I start?

  • Blogging is a massive industry that can propel normal people into the spotlight from their bedrooms (Ever heard of Zoella?) Blogging your own content and style is a big leap in the right direction and will show employers your style and influence.
  • Try monitoring your own social media accounts – both Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics are free to use and show you how popular you really are online.

But I haven’t got any formal training…

If you think this could be the job for you then why not apply for a course at Salford Business school?  Here’s but a few of the things you learn:

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Search and Social Media
  • Web Content Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • SPSS
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Search and social media skills
  •  How to present to clients and manage deadlines
  • How to optimise yourself

You’ll learn all this in an intensive year and meet some great (who are both your friends/ competitors and your future connections)


If it sounds like something for you and you think you can handle a year of intense leaning then check out the course here

If you’ve not got the time or money for further education, why not try this free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered worldwide by the some of the lecturers? You can learn in your own time with short videos to suit you and take free online tests when you’re ready!

Whatever you choose, remember there’s not a direct path to what you want. Social media is so diverse that there’s no right or wrong way to get where you want to be. Be active, tweet, post and like – see where you go!

Good luck!

How Salford Business school prepares me for a career

V4MkacxbHi readers, bloggers and everyone else

I’m Cariad (it’s welsh for love/sweetheart) and I’ll be gabbing about my experiences with:

  • Social media
  • Tech
  • My time spend studying a digital marketing masters at the University of Salford
  • Being a basic white girl (and its slight disadvantages)
  • My semi early quarter life crisis (its so very real)

Hopefully you’ll find something I say useful, insightful or at the very least you can laugh at my expense…

This blog itself is actually part of my course, if you’re looking to do any kind of marketing at Salford, it’s very likely you’ll have to do this too. I’m making myself into a ”brand” so I can become more employable. I’m all about the employment (having money sounds quite nice) but having to subject my friends to links that they could care less about is less thrilling. Amazing so far I’ve actually gained followers on Twitter, they’re all middle aged marketing/tech men rather than the cool tech girls I seek to invade and be-friend but I shall persist.

Feel free to poke around my Facebook, twitter or google + but don’t hold your breath for anything more than sporadic, passive aggressive thoughts and videos of hamsters eating tiny food (a firm favorite of mine).