Course Progress #passion4digital

Course Progress

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Digital and Social Media Marketing- #passion4digital


My first step….Exploring the course…..#passion4digital – Digital and Social Media Marketing

After much research I decided to take up the course #passion4digital and very optimistic that this course is going to bring in lots of insight to digital and social media marketing.

Now let us get started


About Me

About Me

I am a passionate marketer with more than 14 years of experience in both agency and client sides. Soon after my MBA in Marketing, my serious career started with an Advertising agency in India, dealing more into ATL activities. As an Account Executive my major role was  to bring in new clients and provide services for the existing client of the agency.

After a 3 year stint with the agency, I moved to Saudi Arabia in the year 2004 where I was employed as a Business Development Manager in a BTL advertising agency. Quickly moving on after an year with the agency to South Africa, I got into the packaging industry. New environment and a different work culture was indeed a challenge.

In 2008 when an irresistible offer landed on my lap from Saudi Arabia, I moved back here as a Marketing Communications Manager with a very fast growing conglomerate. Being intrigued with how it would be working on the client side after so many years of working with agencies, my decision of joining them turned out to be one of the best. The client side experience is indeed a very different kind of experience. Managing all BTL, ATL, PR, etc.. was very challenging and provided a wider exposure.

Being a B2B business, we were dependent on traditional marketing and since my expertise lies there, I was much cosy! But then after 2013-2014 (Saudi is a cautious market. Adaptation does take some time!), we realized that the ROI on our campaigns were stagnant and never showed an increase and after an internal research we noticed that there was a paradigm shift to digital and social media. And that’s when, after much self-debate and self-initiative, I made up my mind to go digital as well. In my case, my work requirements do not typically require to go digital, but taking up this course was a chance to learn new things….

With a very optimistic and open attitude I have started the #passion4digital course to get the real digital experience