5 Interesting Points From #passion4digital

5 Interesting Points learned from #passion4digital MOOC

As a creative person by passion 1st and profession followed, and 12 years experience in the advertising field, you can say “I learned a lot” and had many different opinions to marketers. because of my more human / customer approach of not trying to control the customer / creative process by formulas that most marketing books have on their pages.

Thats why in my 5 interesting points learned from #passion4digital MOOC – 1st Week, I would mention the points that really stimulated me to think more of how our behaviour as “Humans/ Customers” changed over the last decade in response to the new era of digital world and how that changed the whole marketing scene.

  1. The Customer is the BOSS! More Powerful & DIGITAL


There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. “Sam Walton”

or by dislike your page on facebook, hashtag your product on twitter with a “not satisfied” review, and we all know how that can make a domino effect on the business and more important on the brand itself.

The new digital era provided a powerful social tools in the customer’s hands, easy, reachable, timeless, borderless and they are not afraid to use it. 🙂

Here it comes the real importance of genuine & true SWOT analysis in the strategic planing phase specially in the Brand existence on social media. and more important in those four letters are “W” & “T”.

 2. “Search” is the 1st choice for customers to:

find information about somebody/ something, and yes its true the term google went into the dictionary as not a brand name but as a term in english.

google it

which leads us to Digital Marketing Maturity Model, which is a direct response to how humans/ customers are engaged to the digital world, so brand should be at least on level 2 or at least aiming to it in ASAP.


3. ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth)

Thats my favorite point, we as “creatives/ Marketers” didn’t know it exists or maybe we didn’t care enough to search for it or maybe we were looking at the big picture and not paying enough attention to “moments” that when combined together they make LIFE.

Micro-Moments https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/micromoments/intro.html

Thats the new battle, to own that tiny space in the moments of our consumers as Digital & Social Media are Mobile.

That shows us the importance of developing SMART Objectives,  point 4

4. SMART Objectives

As the acronym says, we should be Smart 🙂 S: Specific M: Mesurable A: Achievable R: Realistic T: Timely

5. Digital & Social Media Marketing is an “On going conversation”

As I was reading the references and recommended articles, I came across 7P’s: People, Participate, Personalize, Product, Process, Pay, and Partner. the marketing scene changed from the traditional two way communication to an “On going conversation”.

and better to explain that by quoting Danielle Tiedt, CMO of YouTube, he says “The goal isn’t “how do I create the viral video?” Instead, the goal should be “how do I use video to create an ongoing conversation that builds a relationship?”

Thats exactly what brands should do on this era of digital world, aiming to create a relationship, and in a relationship money is not always the goal.