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If you thinking about becoming a Digital Marketing Executive this is a blog for you. I have the same desire!

And because of this, I had three good reasons to study MSc in Digital Marketing at Salford Business School. The first is to become a Digital marketing Executive in the fashion industry. Second, my passion for online branding keeps me awake at night. Third, I have a desire to become a Brand Strategist in the long run.

Digital Marketing Executive and Branding

I often get the impression that people think that digital marketing is about posting ads on Facebook, Instagram and Tweet all day.  

And here is why not!

When I was accepted on the course I though I had a good idea about the requirements and skills needed for this industry. However, only after reading into academic research and learning from practitioners I realised the full potential of the job.

The beauty of becoming a Digital Marketing Executive for me is the limitless possibilities of  creating long lasting relationships with customers. The power of Social Media allows brands to engage, listen and promote company culture and values. And digital marketing executives maintain these long lasting relationships planning online campaigns and content. It takes time and skill to create emotional experiences for the online audience.

Let me explain what I learned and the impact so far…

Skills learned during the course 

Six months in my Masters in Digital Marketing and the benefits have already started to show. In the main module Digital Marketing I created online buyer personas for different companies with the use of Google Analytics and micro and macro environment research. The Digital Innovation module offers the use of endless internet applications to create content. Furthermore, I have learned about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how big data can be leveraged to personalise the online shopping experience. Finally, the Search and Social Media module offers an experience to work on a live campaign, writing blogs and search engine optimisation. And most importantly creating brand awareness through social media strategies.  

All this has been an intensive learning experience from individual to group work projects. Now I look forward to complete my last module Marketing and Services management. This module focuses on managing strategic marketing and management functions. And the final step is to find a placement where I can work on a Business Innovation Project and test the knowledge and skills gained in real life.



My journey becoming a qualified digital marketing expert started only five moths ago. The short time block delivery of modules with tight deadlines increased my productivity and time management. The combination of learning new theory with the use of new technology improved my IT and project management skills. And creativity has played a big role to achieve great results.    

All the hard work has been acknowledged by my employer. I am now involved in SEO, email campaigns, copy-writing and Google Analytics to improve the digital presence of the business.

And in regards to “Tweeting” I invite you to follow the rest of my journey on Twitter.