Week 2: Digital Channels – a case study of ‘Fabletics’

In Week 2 of the MOOC course on Digital and Social Media Marketing, we were lead through video lectures on Understanding the different nature of digital channels based on geographic, demographic and digital fit for a campaign. 

Traditional methods of advertising are – TV, Print, Radio and Direct mail. With the internet coming into our lives marketeers turned their attetion to capturing a consumers attention online. The various digital channels used to market are – E-mail, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Websites, Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

For my case study, i have picked the online retailer company – Fablethics. The reason i picked this active wear company to study is simply beacuse of their aggressive meathod of online marketing. Through my research for this assignment, i was able to also find out that the company has received some terrible reviews for scamming the customers and also unfriendly customer service. Which also goes to prove the power of internet and how customer reviews can bring a brand down.

Website of Fablethics
Image source: Fablethics.com

ABOUT THE BRAND – Fablethics

Fablethics is an online subscription retailer that sells active wear and yoga clothing, the brand ambassador is none other than Hollywood movie star, Kate Hudson. She is not only the face of the brand but also the co-founder of the brand.

A subsidary company of JustFab, Fablethics was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler along with Kate Hudson. For a montly membership of 49.95$, the brand offers personalised activewear clothing based on the prefrence of the user.

Buyer persona – It is clearly obvious here the buyer persona of this brand is a woman who is fitness and internet savy.

A few points to note on the brand’s marketing strategy.

  • Most new users are offered the choice of buying one complete outfit for 25$ or 50% as the website claims.
  • New users before registering on the site are asked for preference of work out, place of choice and their best body feature. And based on this information, the users are presented with a range of activewear.

Being an online retailer, the brand exclusively uses only Digital channels to market and does not use traditional meathods. 

SEO – Website

Image source – Fablethics.com

When you google Fablethics, you get a vavriety of results – Fablethics.com, Fablethics.de and Fablethics.co.uk, the brand has a presence in different geographic and demographics.

On the first page of search available are the links of the social media channels they are present in – FB, twitter, instagram etc.

On the other hand when you google – ‘activewear’ or ‘yoga apparel’ the brand is not listed in the first three pages of search.

It is also evident that this brand employs using the second option of SEO, which is the off page optimisation. This means that 60% of the traffic to the website is from social media channels or through affiliates.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+

Image source – Fablethics Instagram page
Image source – Fablethics Twitter page
Image source – Fablethics Facebook page
Image source - Fablethics Google+ page
Image source – Fablethics Google+ page

The brand is actively present on all social forums – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also Google+

What i found most interesting is the presence of the brand on Pinterest and also YouTube.

Image source – Fablethics Pintrest page

Being an activewear brand, Fablethics has a YouTube presence where videos of Kate Hudson are uploaded and shared on other channels of Social Media, also helpful and useful fitness tutorials are also uploaded on the channel for fitness enthusiasts.

Image source - Fablethics YouTube Page
Image source – Fablethics YouTube Page

E-mail Marketing

With this brand particularily, i must admit that the offer of half price for one outfit was irresistable. I signed up and my e-mail details therefore is in the customer database. Fablethics employs e-mail marketing as another digital channel for their marketing. Every monday faithfully, i would receive an E-mail about more offers and more beautiful active wear outfits.

Image source - E-mail marketing campaign of Fablethics.
Image source – E-mail marketing campaign of Fablethics.


Enrique Iglesias once crooned ‘You can run, You can hide, but you can’t Escape my love.’ I’d say this is the underlying marketing strategy of Fablethics – there is no escape from this brand.

I’m someone who fits Fablethics buyer persona – urband woman who is both fitness obsesses and consumes copiuous amounts of the internet. I’d be on Facebook and could not escape Fablethics banner ad’s tempting me into buying those sleek black leggings to wear to Yoga. I was sent e-mailers and notifications by the dozen about signing up, buying an outfit and so many other pretty deals. And i was this close to buying, what changed my mind? An overload of seeing their brand everywhere.

Just like the proverb from the Bible says – When you find honey, eat only as much as you need. Otherwise, you will have too much and vomit.”

Week 1: 5 Important points of Digital and Social Media Marketing

The first set of video lectures and topics at the MOOC’s Digital and Social Media Marketing course were an introduction to the basic ideas about the theme.

Below you will find the summary of week 1 and 5 important points on Digital and Social Media Marketing.

To begin with it is essential to understand that businesses are slowly moving away from traditional marketing approaches and allocating more funds and time to marketing using Digital and social media tools.

But before we delve further we need to understand why Digital and Social Media Marketing?

  1. Cost Effective – unlike traditional marketing methods – TV, billboards, newspapers and radio, Digital and Social Media marketing does not require a huge allocations from businesses.
  2. Small businesses – Being cost effective allows smaller businesses to publicise their product or service.
  3. Easy to track – It is easier to track the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.
  4. Easy reach – can easily reach the target group and is beyond boundaries.
  5. Easily adaptable changes – Any changes can be easily adapted to the marketing campaign.
Source: http://www.inexxus.com/
Source: http://www.inexxus.com/

5 important points of Digital and Social Media Marketing

Strategic planning

Having a vision is important before you start to market your business digitally or by using social media and this is where the strategic planning comes to play. Most business have a minimum of a year contract for a digital and social media marketing strategy.

Here the business and the marketer make a step by step plan of what digital areas will be utilised to reach the necessary results. Here short term and long term goals will be set and accordingly digital tools will be implemented.

Source: imgz12.tk
Source: imgz12.tk

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is an acronym which stands for – strength, weakness, opportunities and threat.

The SWOT Analysis is a matrix used to understand the four important areas of any business, and can provide critical information about the future success of the business.

Strengths – As a business, what are the already existing strengths, what advantage does the business have?

Weaknesses – What is a potential weakness, how can that be avoided or tuned around to a strength? What is preventing you from moving ahead?

Opportunities – What are the opportunities for your business? How can that be useful? Upcoming local events, social trends or government policies? How can that be incorporated into your business benefitting?

Threats – Who are your competitors? What obstacles does the business face? How can that be avoided and turned around?

SMART Objectives

The SMART Objectives is an acronym for Specific, Mesurable, Achieveable, Realistic and Timely. The Objectives are goals which can be effectively be set for any business. Businesses with their SMART objectives defined are more likely to succeed than business who don’t have their goals in clear perspective.

Specific – list done the specific goals of your business

Measure – Ensure there is a tool to measure the outcome of this goal.

Achievable – Set goals that can be achieved and are practicle.

Realistic – Set goals that make sense and are possible to reach.

Timely – the goals that are defines must be also possible in a fixed amount of time.

Digital Marketing Maturity Model

Source: blogs.salford.ac.uk
Source: blogs.salford.ac.uk

The Digital Marketing Maturity Model helps analyse the exact level of digital involvement of a business. This tool helps the business not only know its current stand digitally, but also helps pave the path for future business goals.

This model is a five step model and is divided into the following:-

Level 0 – No digital presence

Most of their information available online are either reviews or generic information on address available on google search.

Level 1 –Presence

These businesses have some online presence through a website or a blog. They have e—mailing lists of customers and have some presence on Amazon, eBay etc.

Level 2 – E for Engagement

They use SEO and Social media marketing to interact with their customers. This shift from level 1 to level 2 would require business to adapt non-traditional business philosophies and also some strategic thinking.

Level 3 – Integral

This business is fully digital and has a two way communication with its customers.

Level 4 – The future

Although this level of digital maturity is minimal with most businesses, it can be attainted with persistent planning and having a complete vision.

 Consumers journey to online purchase

In 2011, google formulated the ZMOT or the Zero Moment Of Truth, which is a period that a consumer spends online making a decision about a particular product. Google along with Shoppers Science studied shoppers in understanding where they switch from decided to undecided.

Taking into account the three step metal mode of stimulus in marketing, google came up with the ZMOT.

Source: blog.bnionline.co.uk

Stimulus: the consumers identifies a problem and seeks a solution

ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) – The business is unaware that the consumer exists. The consumer in the meanwhile is spending time researching the prospective product online.

FMOT (First Moment of Truth) –Post research when the consumer identifies the product.

SMOT (Second moment of Truth) – The consumer is fully engaged in the product and makes the purchase.

UMOT (Ultimate Moment of Truth) – The consumer becomes loyal to the product and goes online to share the results of the product through social media or other digital avenues.

Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/research-studies/zero-moment-of-truth.html

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-advantages-of-Digital-Marketing



Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Digital and Social Media Marketing is the future and that’s the reason why i decided to choose this course.

About two years ago i was finding my two feet in a foreign country by juggling a job, following my passion and learning a foreign language. In the midst of this i had a short brush with digital marketing for a restaurant. I throughly enjoyed planning the content, creating the posts and promoting the business. This is when a part of me got a taste of the exciting world of Digital and Social Media Marketing.

I had signed up for iversity earlier and was thrilled to see Digital and Social Media Marketing as one of the courses on offer. I’m curious to know what is on offer although i have no marketing background.


Below are the top three reasons why Digital and Social Media Marketing is the next big way to reach out to the masses.

Everyone is online – Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or Instagram, you have heard of it and an account and use it. Everyone has a digital presence these days and the ways we consume news and information is all online. An average person reaches for their smart phone first thing when they wake up, which proves how important likes, notifications and messages are. So in other words, if you want to reach out to a potential customer, it’s online.

Your product better be legit – The wonderful platfrom of Digital and Social Media Marketing allows interactions between customers and this can’t get any better than a painfully crafted survey to know the brand worthyness of your business. You achieve results faster and can turn around faster as well, all with the click of a button.

Business are spending more – Every year, most businesses are slowly opening their avenues and increasing their budgets for Digital and Social Media Marketing as they now know that unless they have an online presence they aren’t reaching out to their TG.

Digital and Social Media Marketing is the future and i can’t wait to be in it.


Image courtesy: avantedgemarketing.com